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Delicate Moulding


For those of you interested in trying the frame project I recently posted about, might I suggest stopping by your local AC Moore craft store for some of this moulding?

I spied this little display today and wished I had known about it a few weeks ago. The strips are thinner and more delicate than the decorative moulding pieces available at Home Depot and Lowes. $1.99 for a 24″ length.

Think of all the frames you can fancy up…

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11 thoughts on “Delicate Moulding

  1. This is a great tip…thanks! I used some gold leaf rub on a dull store bought frame this week and it gave it just a little extra shine!

  2. This is a good post. Besides doing frames nthere has to be so many other things that could use a little moulding! Putting my mind to work on that now. Thanx for the good post!

  3. Great art!
    I like creative people, who can make let's say small pieces of art from nothing or from things which were originally supposed for another purpose.
    Great work!

  4. My local JoAnn store sells teeny tiny moldings like that too. My head spins with all the possibilities whenever I see them. And my Home Depot sells short lengths of decorative molding that would be perfect for frame projects like yours. Never thought to use them the way you did though!

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