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For Friends and Posterity…


The countdown is ON! 36 weeks always feels like such a milestone to me.

Yesterday I discovered that self-portraits are impossible to take. Also, I found out at my doctor’s appointment that our little princess has decided not to flip yet. The stinker is still hanging out feet first! I’m not worried about it. If anything, it gives me hope that I’ll squeeze a few more days out of the duration of this pregnancy. As excited as I am to snuggle her when she does come, I know that my life will turn upside down shortly thereafter!

In other news, I bought two car-fulls worth of furniture yesterday for $15. Not joking. I love my Wednesday auction! Here’s load #1. Load #2 is getting picked up this morning.

Lots of stuff for clients, some stuff for my home and even more stuff for my basement. Just cuz.

Also, I’m leaving town today and as a result posting might be a little lighter than usual. I promise I’ll be back in full force after Thanksgiving, rested and ready to knock your socks off!

Have a great weekend!

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96 thoughts on “For Friends and Posterity…

  1. I was just reading about the name game and will pass along my granddaughters name. Jillian Audrey……I think it is so pretty and everywhere we go the name gets a nice comment…. however, her curly red hair is the first compliment most times. Love your site and your ideas….happy holidays to you and yours. jw

  2. Fun to see a photo of you and your cute tummy! Man, do I wish I could find an auction like that in these parts. I think everyone would swarm to it. Any auction finding tips would be useful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. LOVE that belly! I can't believe you're almost there! Kristi Hatch is in your same shoes I was imagining you to look like her. Have a great Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see your next move with all that furniture. It is so fun to see you in action!

  4. Oh my gosh, the only weight you've gained is in your tummy. You should give "prego lessons"! LOL,

    L*O*V*E the shoes, too!!

    Pat B.

    Have fun on your trip.

  5. I am with you… self-portraits…especially while pregnant are nearly impossible. :) Where, oh where are those jeans from? I am about to enter my third trimester and am pretty sure I 'need' those!! :)

  6. You are "glowing" and I cannot decide if it from being pregnant or from finding all that furniture!
    Rest and come back full of good things!

  7. cutest. pregnant. girl. ever. :)

    I just had to leave you a comment to say that I'm so glad I'm not the only one who decorates/buys furniture in my last days of pregnancy. I had my third in Feb. and I can't tell you how many Craiglist items I tried to pick up before that baby came out. People looked at me like I was crazy but we both know you have more time before the baby comes than afterwards. Good luck!

  8. you look fantastic, good luck in your last few weeks!

    i have a possible 'trick' for getting the baby to flip, first you can hang out on your hands & knees for at least 15 minutes each day…the 'cat' and 'dog' yoga position. i did that almost every day during the last trimester because it encourages the baby to head south. good luck!

  9. You look great!!! I hope I have it together by 36 weeks. I am already getting to used to wearing sweats. Its totally inspiring to see you work this far in. I have a wedding this weekend and am only 25 weeks in. Fantastic

  10. You look splendid! Best wishes in these last few weeks! I've got about 6 days left and I look like a house. I can't believe how much you do whilst being pregnant! I would kill for that energy.
    Such an inspiration!

  11. Love your blog!!! just wanted to tell you that my little guy didn't flip at 37 weeks and I did some serious internet research and laid on an ironing board upside down (like a slide) with a flash light and ipod at the bottom of my belly! TOTALLY FLIPPED!!!! :)
    you look super cute! makes me miss my baby bumps! and babies!

  12. you are the most beautiful and stylish prego woman i have seen. seriously, look at your cute outfit! i love reading your blog it always gives me the best ideas. you are an inspiration!
    hope you guys are doing great in delaware. we miss you back in beantown!

  13. I am loving your shoes! (not to mention how adorable you are) Where did you get those shoes???

  14. Darlin', you're unstoppable…
    You are so beautiful, pregnant and otherwise, by now it's week 37 at least, since I write this a day after Thanksgiving.
    Good luck to you and hopefully the little one changes position… I used to be a midwife and know a thing or two.
    Legs up, alright…REST A BIT!

    Good stuff, can't wait to see what you are pulling out of your hat!!!


  15. You look great at 36 weeks. Cannot wait to see what awesome things you do with those auction items! I love your red flats. Where did you get them?

  16. I have been reading for a while, and it just occurred to me that since I love and adore your blog, your designs, and your ADORABLE pregnant belly I should say hello! I am expecting #2 and hope that I look half as precious as you do at 36 weeks! I am also madly in love with Chiang Mai and think it's fabulous all over your house.

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Blessings from Texas– Meredith

  17. I just started looking at your blog but I HAVE to tell you that you look AMAZING at 36 weeks and so cute too! : ) I love your outfit!

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