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I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with vintage campaign furniture.

Did you see Vanessa De Vargas’ kelly green campaign style console in the latest Lonny? {By the way, if you’re not reading Lonny (a FREE online magazine) you’re really missing out!}

Campaign furniture can be pricey, especially in vintage furniture stores (where they know what they have) but sometimes you can luck out on Craigslist. I recently bought a pair of dressers with removable shelves for our bedroom, which is slowly but surely getting decorated.

CL seller’s photo (not too appealing, right? It’s all about the potential!)

The set was $60 and was in decent condition (not too many scratches) but it was DIRTY!!

Check out the nasty, dingy brass hardware before:

I used Bar Keeper’s Friend to soak and scrub off all the grime.

Then it was time to paint. I wiped down all the surfaces really well and vacuumed out the inside of the dressers. Everything was primed with Zinssers using a mini-roller.

Then I used a brush to paint all the corners and awkward parts of the dressers and shelves.

A mini roller was used to apply two to three coats of paint (Benjamin Moore’s ‘Hamptons Green’ in semi-gloss latex).

This weekend our bedroom is getting all the finishing touches, so come back next week for the reveal and projects recap. Though, I have to say, my motherly instincts are telling me that I’m going to have the baby sooner than later…?

What did you think?
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85 thoughts on “Campaign Furniture

  1. I am in love with this kind of furniture, I just posted about it today with links back to you. Hope you dont mind :)

    Also, do you know of any others like this being sold in the Boston/RI area? I would be very grateful!!

  2. I just found a great 4-drawer campaign dresser on craiglist but it's in serious need of some TLC. How did you get the metal T brackets off the furniture to clean them? I don't want to ruin anything! Thanks!

  3. hi jenny! i hope it's not too late to comment on this article with a question…i just found TWO campaign dressers at a local thrift store and found your blog post really helpful. if i have a few scratches/dings in my dressers, what's the best way to fill them in (dressers are fiberboard material with varnish-y top, not real wood)? also, do you have any suggestions on sources for campaign hardware? one of the dressers is missing a couple pieces…i'd love to find a match but might end up replacing all of the hardware on that piece if necessary.

    THANK YOU for your help!

  4. That is so lovely…. and you did that all while you are pregnant? AWESOME. What a great find. Did you search for something specific in Craigslist, or did you have to go trough all the dressers?

  5. Wow! Just saw this linked to in a Tobi Fairley post. I'm looking forward to my inaugural bath with semi-gloss paint (defo something vibrant) & this is telling me: full speed ahead!

  6. Hi,just found you through Blueprint Bliss…Hope it's not too late to comment. I just started working on a project of my own and love what you did here. I'm not sure what type of style the dresser I just bought is, but I think it has big potential…can you tell me if it campaign? It kind of looks like it but doesn't have the same hardware…the picture is at

    Thanks in advance!

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  8. Hi. Just getting ready to paint a campaign chest and bookshelves. I'm concerned about the hardware removal. There are tiny nails (not screws) attaching all the corner pieces. I'm afraid I'm going to bend all these pieces trying to pull them off. How did you remove and then replace them without harming them and did you have to buy new tiny nails to reattach and if so where? Thank You!!!

  9. 1. No such thing as "unhealthy" obsession with campaign furniture ;-)
    2. I am super jealous because I have been looking for a pair of matching 3 drawer dressers to use as large nightstands/clothing storage. It seems like a matching set that size is a white elephant…Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too cheap. I'm curious how much you paid for these??
    3. Love, love, love the transformation. Truly brilliant!

  10. I purchased one of these recently. My problem is getting the hardware off without damaging the dresser. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Thanks for making me smile! My heart skips a beat whenever i see campaign furniture online! Yes, I saw it on Lonny (I inherited that beautiful bamboo mirror from my mom). Love it My parents bought me a campaign furniture bedroom set as a teenager (white with silver hardware) … I have fond memories of shopping for it. Our daughter loved it enough to make it hers as a teenager … it has a special place in our hearts & home.

  12. I really can't believe those two tables are the same one. You really did a great job. It is completely changed and look so much beautiful. I am really afraid to try colouring furniture but I think I can do it:)

  13. Love your green Campaign dressers! I'm so proud of a find yesterday – a Dixie Campaigner desk for $24 at our Goodwill store! Two drawer pulls are missing so I'm on a mission to find those while trying to decide on a color to paint it! Love your green!

  14. Thanks for sharing about campaign furniture, the green campaign style console is really fantastic. Also you are providing steps for make this green campaign, it will really helpful for people. Keep sharing with us!

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