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  1. I have this duvet! I love love love it. But I did the review on about the color: it is really more brown than gray. BUT it is still lovely. I would purchase matching shams if I could stand paying that much for a pillowcase (one!). Instead I found a close-enough solid color match at TJ Maxx: two for $7. :)

  2. Oh, that's good. Really good. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it's still on sale in a couple of weeks– Santa already bought my presents and I don't think he got that….is it a duvet or comforter?

  3. I love it! And have been looking everywhere for a patterned gray duvet cover!

    Purchased this morning… Merry Christmas to me :) Thanks again for all the great inspiration and posts!

  4. I know, this is crazy gorgeous. I have some clients who wanted me to source as many things from Macy's as possible (family works for them) and I could not believe my eyes when I saw this line! I may have to snatch some up for myself.

  5. I was just looking at this for a client today, so funny. We are accenting it with yellow, and I really love it. I'll send you pics when we are finished.

  6. I actually bought this bedding after I spent two days painting my guest room gray only to get it in the mail from and it's actually beige- not grey! It's a khaki color and totally doesn't match my newly painted walls. Ugh!

  7. Jenny, any suggestions for fabrics similiar to the Schumacher Chenonceau fabric? I'm looking for something similiar in a gray/white or pale blue/white color scheme and LOVE this fabric. Just need something a little more economical for window coverings!! LOVE your blog.

  8. Thank you! You're so right, this would work even better…the only site that is currently offering it in graphite (that I have found) is L&S. If you found it for less than this, please let me know! SO helpful!

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