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Hack of All Hacks


There are so many ways to get more mileage out of our IKEA purchases. There are entire websites dedicated to doing this – IKEA Hacker is a great one.

But this project, courtesy of Lindsay at Penny People Designs, is my all-time favorite.

The equation for the perfect cheap nightstands:

The IKEA Rast dresser. Cost =$39.99 ea.

+ Creamy white oil based paint (the suggested shade is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace)

+ Minwax wood stain in a deep shade (like Dark Walnut)

+ Gorgeous brass ring pulls (these from Bellacor are my new favorites)

= this loveliness

image via Penny People Designs blog

Couldn’t you just die? Such an easy and impressive project!

Plus, I spy a Crate and Barrel Colette bed, which can only ever add to the beauty of a room. And in case you’re wondering, like I was, what the wall color is, it’s Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. Nice choice.

What did you think?
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53 thoughts on “Hack of All Hacks

  1. I love this idea SO much!! I am totally going to attempt it this weekend!!!! And by "I" I mean "my husband"

    Thank you !!!!!!!

  2. This has always been one of my favorite DIY projects. Looks like something out of PIECES.

    I've tried to talk many clients into doing this, but some how we always end up going a different way.

    I'm dying to test it out!

  3. Wow! What a difference, that looks beautiful. Makes me want to return mine from Pier 1 and do this instead. It would sure save me a lot of money. I just got an upholstered headboard from Target and it's gorgeous. Check theirs out.


  4. That is simply incredible! The room is unbelievably gorgeous! I'm continually amazed with what people pull together. And, speaking of pulls…I need an excuse to use those from Bellacor!

  5. I love it. I have two boys and my master bedroom already has nightstands, so I am sitting here trying to come up with a reason to hack these for my house. Maybe when the boys share a bedroom I can create a guest bedroom. Hmmmm.

    I love your blog! :)

  6. Wow, you just totally knocked it out of the ballpark for me on this one! Have been looking for ideas for 1) bedside tables 2) new bed and 3) the perfect shade of grey.

    Thanks Jenny!!

  7. Thank you so much for posting my project! I'm truly honoured at it being on your blog, and I'm blushing at the super nice comments – thank you!

    Anna – the drawers are indeed lacking pulls, however I find that it doesn't bother me as the drawers actually hold very light things for us, being bedside tables – like the book of the day that we're reading/magazines, remote controls, and then in the lower drawers, blankets or socks to store away.

    I have found when books build up in the drawers it's a bit ackward when it is heavy, but it's not a detrement to us. :)

    I hope this helps!

    I HIGHLY recommend doing this project, you won't be dissapointed. :)


  8. This is just what I need in the boy's room. Thanks for the headsup on it! I feel a project coming on soon after the holidays!


  9. Your details are so appreciated!! love the idea. My mom had white oil- based paint on her trim and it yellowed. I hear oil-based is more durable…what say you? I'd also love to know the best way to custom upholster with nailheads. I feel like they would be hard to get in a perfectly straight line. Thank you for all your continued ideas and inspiration. You are so wonderful!!!

  10. My jaw dropped when I saw the 'reveal' photo. I LOVE this. How do you think it would look with silver ring knobs? I am not really a big fan of gold (although it looks gorgeous here). Well, for that price, I can just try it can't I?? Wow.

  11. this is awesome! And has quickly gone on my husband's honey-do list : ) Thanks for introducing me to this great project, and their great blog!

  12. Yes, yes, yes. I am totally trying this!

    Hmm, I'm dreaming of drawer knobs now. Anthropologie always have some adorable ones on sale…

  13. Jenny I thought you were good..but this! This is really impressive. Sometimes I lose patience with IKEA Hacker but it is a great site. And you're still one of my favorite furniture refinishers on the web.

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