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The Homies


I have been living under a rock apparently, because I just noticed that I was nominated for an Apartment Therapy Homie Award! Thank you!!

If you haven’t voted yet, you should check out all the great nominees here. I’m so excited to go through the list and find some new-to-me blogs!

And, of course, I would love your vote, if you feel so inclined… :)

Does it up the incentive if I include a gratuitous picture of my adorable and perfect newborn??

Voting ends today (!) at 5 pm EST.

What did you think?
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23 thoughts on “The Homies

  1. Looks like the Apt Therapy site is down right now! Bummer!

    Maybe they'll extend the voting time??

    Thanks for trying, friends!


  2. I've just discovered your blog in the past week, but am IN LOVE with it and plan to give you a shout out on my blog. Didn't see this post soon enough to vote – but congrats on the nomination. AND, your daughter has the sweetest little rosebud mouth. She's beautiful!

  3. Just found your blog through Rhoda at Southern Hospitality & have to say that I just love it.
    Your daughter is beautiful and the story of her arrival just brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on the baby & having a Dr. handy.

  4. Tried to vote for you but AT was down… when I went back, votes were closed. :( You were my fav by far!

  5. You are right, your newborn is just gorgeous. In your daughters picture / especially cute small hands/ I can see my daughter, she was also perfect, now she is 24. Where did time go? I can still see this picture like it was yesterday….
    Happy New Year to you and to your growing family from
    Jana in Prague, Czech Republic

  6. Oh Jenny she is beautiful….I have been away this is my first day back blogging…could not wait to check in to see if you had your baby….

    I love the name !!!

    God Bless I wish you and your sweet family a happy, healthy 2010…thanks for being such a sweet blogging friend…

    All the best,
    xo Kathy :

    ***going to vote right no….)

  7. You should have been nominated. Your blog is outstanding!

    I have just spent way too much time going back in your files. What great ideas and excellent taste you have.

    Congrats on your little one. Christmas Evie, how cute.

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