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To make myself feel better, I like to imagine that everyone hoards at least something. Unfortunately, I hoard several somethings. Ribbon is definitely in that category (along with fabric, chairs, mirrors, and lamps – my poor husband).

Can’t. Stop. BUYING!

I just love the way ribbon transforms lamp shades, pillows, picture mats and curtains.

Here are some of my picks from a really great trim resource – Renaissance Ribbons.

Plum Taffeta ($2.55 per yard) Love the dot details. There are lots of color options in this style.

I love plaid ($1.15 per yard) for a little boys room or a den.

Red embroidered scroll on linen ($5.35)

There’s orange and navy too

Green poppies ($9.05)

Khaki embroidered medallions on linen ($5.35)

Green leaf ($4.95) looks like it belongs in Lauren’s living room.

Green Chinese Medallions ($4.35)

Pink Floral ($9.60)

Salmon floral ($5.65)

One of my clients is doing her master bedroom in lavender and grays and I’ve been so drawn to the color combo lately… Lavender and gray ($2.45)
Blue wide stripes ($3.80)

Lime flowers on mauve ($3.50/yd) – so cute on some simple sold color panels for a little girl’s room.

This one, too…
Rust mini-flowers ($1.25/yd)

Other places I often look for trim…

M&J Trimmings
L&S (especially for Greek key trim)

Do you have any good secret sources for ribbon?

What did you think?
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33 thoughts on “Ribbon Trim

  1. What a pleasure to see such lovely trim. Its not so easy to find nice trim especially upholstorey type trim in the UK especially outside London. If I ever find a shop with a good selection I m like a kid in a sweet shop!

  2. I'm actually about to add trim to my drapes and had a hard time finding vibrant, thick ribbon to use. Stores in my area have great traditional fringe, cord, and very formal trim, but not much in the way of ribbon.

    I wound up finding a wholesaler of ribbon and ordered a huge roll of solid trim, but I would have loved something with some sort of texture beyond grosgrain.

    Thanks for the info about Renaissance. I'll tuck it away for the next project.

  3. I was just about to stand up and shout "what about the greek key ribbon"- and then there it was!! I also love really fat ric-rac and pom pom trim! It makes me feel like a little girl.

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I had been hunting for patterned ribbon to dress up a new pair of bedroom curtains. I hadn't yet found anything I liked, so these sites are perfect! Love your blog!

  5. No, but Sarah Miller Hendrickson, that last ribbon is the design I was talking about the other day. Jennica, I knew you'd have it on your blog again soon. Thanks!! :)

  6. THanks for sharing your ribbon resources, Jenny. I've been on the hunt for the perfect ribbon for my bedroom curtains and I'm loving the embroidered scroll! Thanks again!

  7. Love your blog! Discovered it when I was searching for more information about a great brown/blue ikat fabric I found at Home Fabrics and there it was on your mother's table. Thrilled to see that you are from AZ and love many of my bargain haunts (although I'm in Tucson.) As for ribbon, there is no greater bargain than buying whole spools by the pound at SAS (in Phoenix and Tucson.) Keep up the great work. You inspire me to finish all of my half completed projects!

  8. loving the ribbon trims, well on the subject of hoarding ,i collect chairs too, dome paper weights,old tins, and old suitcases. Hoarders Forever!!

  9. Great. One more thing I have to hoard…

    People who don't hoard are unnatural and/or are only doing it so they can feel smug and superior.

  10. I always make sure to stop in VV Rouleaux whenever I am in London. The website isn't the best, but the shop is a fun treasure chest of ribbons and trims. I also remember the people on the Martha Craft Dept. Blog talking about some place in the "TIRM DISTRICT" in NYC (who knew there was such a place? I mean, Garment District, yes, but a district dedicated solely to trim?).

  11. Green Leaf, Pink Floral, Lavender and Grey … great choices! I was in NYC earlier this week, and my hotel was (dangerously) located across the street from M&J Trimming. I got some ribbon (how could you not?), and also lots of buttons. Have any fun ideas for buttons?

  12. Thanks for these great sources. I love ribbon too! I just added it to my sons bedskirt and am amazed at how such a small detail can make such a big difference. I usually check out ebay. I have been looking for something interesting to add to my blinds and am loving the greek key tape!

  13. My favorite source for ribbon is eBay, hands down. Huge selection of sellers at great prices!

    Love your blog, Jenny! It's my first read every morning…even before the Times (design before current events…that's what I say)!

  14. I am a ribbon hoarder too! It makes me so happy! I especially love grosgrain with stripes or polka dots! I love buying the big industrial spools – full of potential! I like to add ribbon to the bottom of skirts and shirts – especially the big thick ribbon! I love the greek key pattern above too!

  15. Love your blog – thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration.

    I just got some beautiful greek key trim from Patchwork Panda (a seller on ebay). It was SO reasonable at about $18 for 10 yds. I am decorating basic white faux-wood blinds (creating a ladder-tape effect). It looks great.
    Another good source is http://www.lesbonribbon.com.

    Good luck with the baby!
    – Alicia

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