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On my Christmas list this year is a new pair of scissors (something to cut all that ribbon, right?). The kind of scissors that I’ll keep forever and just have sharpened when they get dull.

I bookmarked these a year or two ago (I think Jordan posted about them). They’re beautiful and look like just the right multipurpose size.

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  1. There is truly nothing better than great scissors! My MIL is an interior seamstress and gave me a great pair a few years ago and I fall in love everytime I use them!

  2. This reminds me of Christmas when I was 18. My husband and I had been dating for a grand total of 6 days at that point, and I could see the bewilderment and "what have I gotten myself into??" look on his face when I opened up my VERY OWN pair of Ginghers from my parents!! (I'm happy to report that 16 years later, he's no longer bewildered.)

  3. Hey Jenny! I've tried emailing you a few times, but every time I hit "contact" it brings me to my mac email account, which isn't working for me for some reason. I was hoping maybe you could post your email on your sidebar or something so that I could email you through my gmail account. I just finished a pelmet box project, and my nursery in general. I've taken so much of your advice. I'd love to show you a few pictures. Anyway, just a small request!

    Thanks so much!


  4. ohhh I have them – they are amazing and there is something so wonderful about holding a heavy pair of trusty scissors to cut that ribbon :0) and they are pretty enough to display on your desk

  5. i am new to your blog so i'm not sure if you got our scissors or not but here's an idea…when you get them, take them to a jewelry store and have them engrave your name or monogram in them. it makes them so special and personal. when i was in college my grandma gave me a pair of ginghers with my full name engraved on the blade. it was thoughtful but practical considering it was college and all. no one was going to steal my ginghers with my name on them! they are good as new and i think of my grandma every time i use them. i will definitely have them forever!

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