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Welcome 2010


My husband and I spent our first official New Year’s together, just a few days before our wedding, painting the living room of our first little home. We ate popcorn and drank Martinelli’s while we rolled on the paint and dreamed together about our new life that was about to start. And now it’s a tradition – popcorn, fake bubbly and paint. I know, so glamorous and romantic! We do make sure to have a dance together at midnight though, and there may or may not be kissing involved.

We also take a few minutes to write out our resolutions and goals for the year. Here’s a watered down version of my 2010 list:

– Get my portfolio together (finally) and consider forking over the cash for a web designer
– Blog 5x per week

Kelly Wearstler via Style Court

– Focus more on eDecorating

Pearl Street Interiors

– Organize and simplify – buy less and get rid of stuff I don’t use

– Take my girls to do something special and enriching every month – the ballet, museums, concerts, etc

photography by Rachel Papo

– Go to children’s story time at the library on Tuesdays and check out books for me too

via The Selby

– Train for the NYC marathon in November (fingers crossed that I get chosen for the lottery in March)

– Make everyday life more beautiful

via this is glamorous

– Be better about separating work and family life. Stick to the schedule.

– Plan my outfits and wear more jewelry! (I feel so much better about life when I’m dressed/groomed — all day in jimjams = cranky Jenny)

via Desire to Inspire

– Take an oil painting class. I really want to learn how to do flowers better and I think small paintings make awesome gifts.

via domino

What are your grand plans for 2010? Can you BELIEVE it is already a new decade?? It feels like the Y2K thing was just yesterday…

Have a very HAPPY and safe New Year!


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43 thoughts on “Welcome 2010

  1. Great resolutions! I especially love the one about separating family and work time. My husband and I both left corporate jobs to do what we love, and our lives are that much better because of it. And we have more time for family and for each other. It is hard, especially with deadlines and whatnot, but so worth it! Best of luck in 2010.

    P.S.- Love that you and your husband dance at midnight, so sweet!

  2. Our lists are pretty much the same! Keeping the schedule is key to your sanity as a mom and business owner…I've enjoyed your blog this year Jenny…if I didn't mention before, congrats on Baby Evelyn and continued success in all areas of your life this coming year! Take Good Care.

  3. All very worthy goals. I'm still working on the separating work/family. I have trouble with the ideas of "resolutions" because I never stick with them, but the idea of letting my children's childhood slip away while I'm working is just heartbreaking to me. Won't do it!

  4. Lots in common. I hope to be smarter with my money: quality, not quantity. I will not let Target's little red stickers get the best of me! I'd like to blog more, improve my photography, and cook a new recipe at least twice a week. A ton of other things are on the list. I'm thinking of them more as intentions instead of resolutions. Happy new year!

    By the way, I have that image from domino on my fridge! Love it.

  5. Jenny, You are the best. (I love your blog!) You make me a proud and grateful father. You have amazed your mother and I your entire life. We remain entranced by your talent and your fearlessness and your wisdom and the balance with which you live your life. I think I'm your number-one fan. I couldn't be happier than to have you as my daughter. Thanks for sharing with us the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Love, Dad

  6. Love the resolutions – – you clearly put thought into them. In the coming year, I plan to run my first 5k, spend more quality time with my kids, explore crafts for fun instead of profit, & whip my house into shape.

  7. Jenny, just saw that comment from your dad, how sweet!

    BTW- One of my resolutions is "keep the house tidy," with the next resolution on the list being "hire a house keeper."


  8. I feel the same way as you…Y2K was just yesterday wasn't it? I have a few goals and most involve things that do with our move across the country. I have some things that I am going to do for me…photography class, learning more about blogging, reading…you know fun stuff. Have a great New Year.

  9. I love your blog!!! I am inspired to do several projects in 2010 from reading your blog. I enjoyed also seeing your office featured by Joni Webb of Cote de Texas today as one of the Top Ten best Renovations of 2009. You're so talented! Congratulatios on your sweet baby girl!

  10. Like the list!
    So many great things to just interject into daily life. Doable!
    I do a lot of smaller dog portrairts for people's birthdays, anniversaries, x-mas….a great idea!
    Have a happy new year!

  11. My sister does web designing for a reasonable price. You can find her at http://www.berriesandcreamblogdesign.com

    She started off doing blog designs for people and has branched out from there. She has a gallery of work that she has done for others. If you look under her completed projects tab, you'll see some work she's done for small businesses.
    Congrats on the new little one.
    I enjoy reading your blog and getting ideas.

  12. Very inspiring list. I love that both you and Caitlin have goals to simplify. This makes me feel better after having spent too much time envying your "stash".
    Good luck with balancing it all!

  13. What a wonderful comment from your dad !!!!!!!!!! What I have already read in your blog, I think he has every rights to be really proud dad.
    Happy New Year to You and to Your family.
    Jana in Prague

  14. wishing you a happy, happy 2010! thanks for the beautiful blog… looking forward to more inspiring reading throughout this new year!

  15. what a list & what beautiful images to illustrate your thoughts! love this post. so true about books, family life, spending less & getting rid of the junk. if i could just wave my magic wand*. :)

    best wishes & many blessings for the new years. and may we all accomplish lots!!!

  16. Love your resolutions… I think I will have to take a few for me too! Loved your story on the birth of your baby! Pure Joy & Beauty! Happy New year… 2010 is going to be a GREAT year for all of us! Keep smiling & shining….

  17. I stumbled upon your blog the other day on a day off…and have since gone through almost a year's worth of archives. I can't get enough! I love your style and your writing–you've really inspired me and I've got tons of fun ideas bubbling around right now thanks to you! :)

  18. That's a wonderful, ambitious list! I appreciate every one of your goals, and aim for several that are similar, particularly~ library day, enriching my children's lives, and making every day beautiful.

    The comment from your Dad made me tear up. Wish I didn't, but I envy you your relationship with him, what a treasure!

    Happy 2010!

  19. I've been following your blog for almost a year now and never commented so first thank you! Congratulations on the little one (thank you for sharing the whole event countdown was very touching)and please continue! It is so great to get inspiration and ideas!
    Rebecca in Sarajevo

  20. Great list. I am wanting to get organized and simplify our way of living… and make room for our baby on the way!

    I also have on my list to do for 2010— take a watercolor painting class.

    Congrats on Evie. She's beautiful.
    xx- Brooke

  21. Fantastic goals to start off a great new year with a beautiful new baby to top it off! I recently started to follow your blog, and I am totally inspired by your creativity, keep up the great work!!!!

  22. Jen-
    We must have been separated at birth because our resolutions pretty much align…
    As far as mastering oils – look at some of the masters,
    Manet, Monet and try to copy small works until you feel comfortable taking on your own and work from your own still life ( even though I know it is not still at all, it is busy and full!)

  23. Just found your blog and loved your thoughts about 2010. Our lists are so similar..Will so look forward to continuing to read and learn from you!
    Congrats on Baby Evelyn…our daughters Emma Grace and Evelyn are 8 months old this week as well!!

  24. fantastic list, many resound with mine as well ~

    good luck to you, to me, to us all, and looking forward to frequenting your blog more in 2010 (yippee 5x per week!) ;)

    cara @ City Girl Chicago

  25. awesome resolutions- i may just have to copy yours— esp about sticking to schedule for fam/ work and planning outfits! argg i hATE IT WHEN IT'S 2:00 in the afternoon and i'm still in sweats or pjs!! – this happens a LOT


  26. I'm giddy about finding your blog – – what wonderful style and how-to's. And congrats on your beautiful baby girl – – what a wonderful birth story. :)

  27. Jenny, great list! Thank you for the inspiration in 2009 and looking forward to keeping up with you this year.

    The photos you've paired with this post really bring your list home. Out of curiosity, I'd love to hear more about your system for flagging all the photos – design and otherwise – that help bring your blog to life. Magazines seem easier to file away since you can rip out or flag, but keeping track of everything I love and may want to reference later online overwhelms me!

    A friend of mine makes her birthday her time for resolutions and new beginnings, and I think I'm going to adopt that plan. The gym will also be less crowded in a few months ;)

    PS Your dad's comment was so touching.

  28. Jenny,
    Your blog is great! I'm glad you posted some of the things you did in 2009, I have tons of you DIY's bookmarked on my computer and I'm ready to get started.
    Thank for the wonderful inspiration, keep it coming :]

    & congrats on your new baby girl. I have two. girls are so wonderful!

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