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  1. i LOVE them! along with the rain gutter bookshelves, I think they are great. I'll be moving in a little over 6 months, and probably won't be able to take my large bookcases from home with me, so these ideas could be great alternatives!

  2. Here's my thought– looks great in Martha with the completely uniform (and white) stacks. Looks a little amputated with the real collection of books from the Domino photo. So probably in real life it would look a little off, unless you were planning to use the shelves more like sculpture and less for function.

  3. I think that they look great in the first picture because they're sort of set back from the main wall–I don't feel like I'm losing any space with them. In the second picture, they would bother me because they jut out too far from the wall (and in this picture, they're far too sloppy for my taste!).

  4. I've been looking for something like this for record storage, and to use as a divider between the living room and an open staircase…any idea if they're sold pre-fab anywhere, or were these built to fit?

  5. I like the Martha Stewart picture. The shelves are really cool, not something you would see everywhere, and seem like they would be perfect for a bedroom without a lot of closet storage.

  6. I love Martha's shelves. They look so clean to me. I really don't like the other shelves though. They look messy. They look like he was lazy, and only wanted to put up half the shelves, but wanted to use all the shelf space. Hope that made sense.

  7. i love them, especially the SECOND (messier!) pic. the martha one is way too freakishly ocd for me, but i still like the shelves in both pics! doesn't IKEA sell something like this off-the-shelf?? i've been thinking of these for some spaces where i really can't put anything on the floor (baseboard heater & a/c unit below.)

  8. Trust Martha's team to make something that has the potential to look very cheap and ugly look absolutely genius.

  9. I say No unless you can do them absolutely perfectly, like Martha. I agree with the above posters who say the uniformity of them is what makes them. For me, the second is an illustration of something I'd see in a house I was going to buy and think "That is coming down the minute I close on this house."

  10. Not a big fan because I think it's exceedingly hard to pull it off well. You'd have to plan the boxes so that they line up well with the studs for mounting. And I agree with other posters that unless you have a very matchy-matchy collection, it's going to look disorderly.

  11. I actually like the second image more than the first – which seems a little cold to me for a bedroom!
    I would like them in an office better.

  12. I say… AMAZING!! what a brilliant idea i have magazines coming out of every room, ok well not that many, but i have LOTS i just don't want to throw away, esp my dominio ones!

  13. I'm not a fan. Mainly because I need bookshelves to be functional, and these just don't seem like they would work as bookshelves. I think they could be nice display shelves/shadowboxes.

  14. I'm not a fan of the boxy shelves. They look like something I'd put in my basement or garage for storage. I'm a fan of modern and plain but these are too plain for me.

  15. I just love the dog in the first picture–looks like a HUGE stuffed animal. So cute! I like these shelves, especially the fact that I could have my husband whip some up with all of his left over wood pieces from various projects.

  16. Love them for an office, not so much in a bedroom. They look a bit too overwhelming. In the office they look great loaded up.

  17. OK. I'm a nerd and this sounds braggy, but I really, REALLY don't mean it that way (what a lead in): I was on "Trading Spaces" a few years ago and worked with Edward and Faber. They designed very similar boxes, and at the time, I thought they were icky and awkward (orange on the wall part/stained wood everywhere else), but I really like these in these pictures. You have totally changed my mind. Have you tried them somewhere?

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