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10 Favorite Overstock Rugs

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A few days ago Jaime asked me and a couple of fab bloggers to participate in one of her posts on the best offerings of Overstock.com. I was happy to oblige! I’m crazy about all the awesome rugs available right now.

1 – Yellow Wool, 9×13, $437

2 – Blue Medallion, 8×10, $320

3 – Oriental, 3×5, $92

4 – Chains, 5×8, $130

5 – Braided Jute, 6×9, $144

6 – Greek Key, 8×11, $145

7 – NZ Wool, 8×11, $424

8 – Mongol Wool, 8×10, $340

9 – Suzani Style Wool Rug, 5×8, $136

10 – Damask, 6×9, $230

**Update: A few of you noticed that one or two of these are already sold out. That is the beauty and bummer about Overstock – you have to move FAST when you see something great, but there is always something new to love! Check out the currently available offerings HERE.

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36 thoughts on “10 Favorite Overstock Rugs

  1. I just ordered the Chains rug in Sage – 8 x 11. It's beautiful in person! And now it's on sale for $245!

    It is the exact same rug on the Ballards Designs website for $579!

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration! A friend pointed me in the direction of your blog and I just love it. I'm in the middle of an entryway makeover inspired by one of your older posts!

  3. I check overstock for rugs about once a week! Having all wood floors in a old home I can always use new rugs, but I can't always afford the ones I really want…so Overstock is the next best thing as long as I have the time to search!

    Your picks are great!

  4. Oh, I always forget to check out this resource. I need a couple of area rugs for a client's project and they need to be inexpensive…you know where I'm heading right now! Janell

  5. I had my eye on several of those the last fw days but now they are sold out. major bummer.

  6. I've ordered three rugs from Overstock in the last year and I couldn't be happier. Until…order #9!!!
    I ordered it last month and it does not look like the picture. Colors are totally off. It looked very country when I unrolled it.
    Luckily, it was super easy to send back.

  7. I am not fully on board with Overstock. I have purchased two rugs from them to date. I was not pleased with the quality on either rug and wrote as much in the reviews. My unfavorable reviews have never shown up on the website. Both rugs continue to rate very well on the website. I suspect this is because the reviewers reviewed the products within a week of receiving the product (new=nice) and none of the reviews deal with the issues that crop up 2-3 months after use.

    I am very suspicious of their review policy.

  8. I do love those rugs – especially the blue medallion one! But is it just me or are they still awfully expensive? If I bought things that expensive very often, I don't think we'd be able to pay off the credit card bill every month! But maybe not everyone else is dealing with student loans and mortgage payments? Maybe I should start lobbying for the barter system to make a come-back. ;)

  9. Great pics! I really love #2, but that would never survive my two year old son/tornado with a sippy cup. Number 9 is great, too, and would be much more spot friendly for our family's craziness!

  10. I love number 4!

    P.S. Did you see your monogrammed umbrella stand on Apartment Therapy today? How cool!

  11. Overstock=my new obsession. I try not to look at the rugs (or anything I don't really need) because I know if I saw any of these I would buy them and I have no need for another rug! Great choices, I really enjoy your blog!

  12. GET OUT!!! (Elaine style from Seinfeld style with a BIG push!) I never even knew Overstock.com sold rugs. I have been looking forever for a rug for my dining room. I'm off…

  13. those are so great! i've been perusing overstock rugs for some time but i just don't know how quality they will be. have you seen them in a home before?

  14. I love the rugs! (and Overstock!) We desperately need a rug in our living area, which is hard wood, but how do you choose a rug design that won't overwhelm the space or that coordinates? It's not like getting a sample of fabric at the fabric store! Any tips? (ps, I love your blog!)

  15. I ordered and received the chains rug in natural and I will say in person the color is WAY different than it appeared to me online. it is more of a wheat color with the print being very 'tapioca pudding'. I'm not happy with it sadly :( but maybe the colors will work for others. the sage one might be better…just an fyi!

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