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At a HomeGoods Near You…


One of my favorite home accessories, GIANT dolphin statues:

Can you believe they’re on clearance? Only $175! For life size fiberglass mammals!!

And in the ‘not ridiculous’ category, these large white ginger jars are only $16.99. Talk about the perfect accessory. A little bit of Hollywood regency/chinoiserie flair, but not so in-your-face because of the white. It’s hard to tell here, but these are big – about 19″ tall.

I picked up a pair for a client’s media console. I might have to go back and get a third because I’m diggin the way this one looks on my DR table. And, Lisa in FL, are you reading this? Put a pair of these on top of your West Elm parson bookshelves. Stat!

What did you think?
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44 thoughts on “At a HomeGoods Near You…

  1. Whoa! You almost had me there – I was waiting for you to talk about what color you'd paint those dolphins when you got them home. Phew!! The ginger jar is fabulous though – thanks for the tip (and the laugh!).

  2. i see nothing wrong with those dolphins. they are magical. i may put those out on my front lawn.

    totally kiddin!

    love the ginger jars, and have a few of those myself!

  3. Wow, I was just there yesterday (not sure what I was doing in there since I really have no moola right now!). I saw a white ginger jar the exact same shape and size (and I think is was 16.99) except the whole thing was open cutwork (blanc-de-chine?). So pretty. Kinda kickin' myself for not buying it.

  4. Nate is glad that you were joking about the dolphins. We don't always know what is "IN" and we were very happy when we found out that old mirrors that you cannot really see your face in were "IN" because we were trying to figure out how to make ours more suitable. After reading your post a while back we realized that all we had to do was hang it! Now that I know you were joking about the dolphins…i'm going to return the ones I just picked up at Homegoods in Mesa.

  5. Okay, so this is a dumb question – and I'm such an amateur home decorator – but can you ever store things inside those fab ginger jars? Or are they strictly for decoration only?

  6. Homegoods always has good finds for the home and for the kiddies too! I found a great duvet from there to go with my "tag sale" headboard find! The fun is in never knowing what you'll find (like the dolphins)!! Love Homegoods!

  7. I almost got the ginger jar last week, I didn't and I've been thinking about it ever since. This is fate, now I HAVE to get it!! I never even checked the price tag, I figured it'd be $50..

  8. All I could think was that not even you, Jenny, with your amazing, bottomless pool of talent and creativity could make those dolphins look good.

    (Although on second thought, maybe that should be a "Design Star" challenge for you: Make the dolphins look good. Really good. Come on…we dare you!)


  9. Full disclosure: I went to HomeGoods last night and bought the ginger jar. I had to have it! And it looks fab on my table. Thanks for the great tip, as always!

  10. The boyfriend's mother lives in an gated community at the beach and there are a few people in that neighborhood who would be all over those dolphins…but they would have paid $3000 for them. I took pictures of some metal cranes in front of one homes over Christmas for my blog. They were decorated for the holidays.

    Bad taste…it knows no price point. :)

  11. A year or two ago, they had life-size knights for sale and my son (now 10) still takes his money with him everytime we go to tjmaxx to see if they have one for sale. He desperately wants a giant knight for his room!

  12. GASP! I saw those dolphins with a new friend and was prepared for a giggle, but she LOVED THEM! Apparently growing up in S. Florida affects your taste level. Or else she needs a few lessons. I should send her to your bloggie. : )

  13. I just came across one of the giant dolphin statues at the Goodwill! That was a quick turnaround. (there was a little boy riding it like a horse!)

  14. I found a giant elephant made from pieces of wood a Home Goods. It was $1999.00! I have a photo if you would like to see it!

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