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  1. SO adorable! One of the selling features for our home was the little playhouse (about 12×12, complete with a dutch door!) in the backyard. My husband snagged it for his power tools, but I'm moving them out as soon as it warms up so my kiddos can have a fantasy play house!

  2. If you have any sort of outdoor space in New York, you are extremely lucky! Its one of the of the reasons I left. Seriously though, I love the playhouse. I would have loved that as a child.

  3. Are you moving to NY? Outdoor space is a treasure in the city! When we were in the city we had a backyard and it was one of my many slices of happiness in a big city covered with blacktop! There is no place like NY!

  4. I just loooove your blog about decorating, wish to have so many stores, antiques, bazzars and sales to choose from here in Prague, Czech Republic.
    We are in a process of bulding our house and I can see how hard it will be to find all those things I like in the pictures, I want to have in our house, but cannot find it here. I just want to say, all of you should be really happy to have so many possibilities around you.

  5. We had an indoor playhouse like the second red playhouse – except the top story was a queen size mattress/bed! Your kids would be so lucky to have a LGN playhouse!

  6. I had the most fun EVER when I decorated my daughters playhouse a few years ago. I even have to confess spending a lot more time in there too!

  7. Oh my GOSH you could make it so cute. I showed my fiancee your office and little girl room renovations this weekend. Big Mistake. He is like, well if she can do that for basically 0$ why can't you?!?
    Ummmm well Jenny is freakishly talented. And makes it all look easy.
    If you weren't so darn sweet and inspirational I might be jealous. And I love Brooklyn, def my New York bliss.

  8. Or, you could just say YES to Hoboken, literally. For 1/2 the price of Brooklyn. Just sayin'.

  9. Love the playhouse! A note about the twinkle lights – you can get solar powered sets. Much easier, no cords, less energy. I've got a set that the former owners purchased years ago, and they still work great! (altho not in -40 weather, but not much works in -40…)

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