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44 thoughts on “Renovating a House in the City

  1. Awww! Look at that little sweetie!

    Good luck with your client work this weekend! I hope it goes smoothly so you can get home a go to BED!!!


  2. So funny – I just received my copy of Restoring a House in the City in the mail yesterday. I've only had a chance to flip through it, but I'm excited about tucking into it this weekend. BTW, regarding your question on NYC vs the suburbs – I say if you have an opportunity to live in NYC, you should go for it!

  3. Jenny, you are amazing! I don't know how you are out doing so much with a newborn and being still in recovery. just please take it easy, you really do need to rest and recover! Love your blog and love your style, I learn so much here daily! BLessings…

  4. Yes, rest! I've just entered the last trimester of my second pregnancy and I'm already tired!

    Thanks for blogging about this book. I have floors like that throughout my house and I'm hoping the book will give me some inspriation (currently renovating a 1880's farmhouse, what joy!).

  5. Jenny, I am so glad I found your blog. Your energy is motivating, your designs and creativity fabulous, and I love seeing what you have to offer each day. Congrats on the new little one and good luck with the move-to-come. Oh, and I love this space today. I want to live here–those floors, those doors, that art!

  6. What a cutie pie…

    Eye candy all around..nice post

    Have a restful week-end…and I say thank God for MIL's

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  7. Look how big Evelyn is already! Sad how fast the newborn phase flies by!

    She's beautiful and so is that entry wow!!


  8. That photo is so completely fantastic! Thanks for sharing, and good luck! (I'm about to make the 2 to 3 transition, too…except my 3rd will be a year and a half old. What do you think – easier, or harder? We'll know soon enough!)

  9. First of all, your blog is my FAVE. Secondly, as a mom to 3 under 4 with the youngest being 3 months, please give yourself a hearty round of applause! You are just weeks post-partum (after a home birth!!), you are still working, AND you are blogging regularly? Sheesh!

    And the transition- it gets better. It was rough for weeks 3-6 (the novelty got us through weeks 1-2), but we're smooth sailing around here now!

    I love your posts – but won't begrudge you if you take a little REST!!

  10. Like they say on the plane, administer the oxygen to yourself first! So hard to do with a baby – but make sure to take time to re-charge your batteries.
    You are so strong and have so much energy!
    I'm impressed. That was me then at your age with twins.

  11. Good luck with the sleeping. Your little one is adorable.

    I bought the book and I absolutely LOVE it. I've been slowly reading and savoring it each day (while my baby take his naps!)

  12. Thanks so much for the link.

    The book is amazing. I own it!

    Don't you love that song? It was originally done by Leonard Cohen. Very moody and good for late nights. Do you know Nick Drake. I love his songs for late nights.

  13. Oh, I remember those days (my youngest is now 7). I would work SO hard between 4-8 (not as a newborn, though) to keep my kids up so that they would sleep at night!

    I must admit that I am grateful that blogs didn't exist, or not in the form that they are in now, when I had babies, although maybe blogging and reading blogs would have been a great way to pass the time while dealing with wide awake babies in the middle of the night!

  14. awww jenny!!! hang in there!! you are a WONDER WOMAN!!!! installs this week?!!

    She's so adorable & I SO FEEL you on the 2-5 AM thing— Justin's right there with Evie.

    Big hug & take care,

  15. I'm amazed you are already back to work full steam and taking care of 3 little ones. When we went from 2 – 3 it was overwhelming. Now that they are older I am so glad we had them close together and didn't stop at 2
    It is all worth it. Always accept help when you can.:)

  16. Oh, I am with you, get some rest inbetween, when ever a chance peaks around, feet up and shut eye….
    Good luck with your business and the adjustment of baby and family, it's a big one!
    I admire you for keeping it all up!
    And: That little darling is adorable! Thank goodness, so we can forgive them the 3 AM waking, right?


  17. What a beautiful baby!
    That book has been in my Amazon wish list for a month now – I may have to break down and order it now.

  18. I read you all the time – but haven't posted until now. What an adorable picture of Evelyn! Congrats and thanks for posting your birth story. It brought tears to my eyes.

    I can't imagine Evelyn will let you keep going at this pace. Babies have a way of letting themselves be known (I always found the first two weeks to be so sleepy – they would lull me into thinking I was going to get it easy, at least once.)

    We added a second story and expanded the kitchen this fall/winter – the work is almost done and when my friend/desinger was trying to get a grasp on what direction I wanted to take, I happened to send her a link to your site and then she got it. I think prior to that, even *I* wasn't sure what I wanted to do. So – thanks for being such an inspiration. I love your work!


  19. Cute cute baby!! And I love her name – I can be a snob with people's names! By the way, the song is originally by Leonard Cohen, called "Famous Blue Raincoat". It's an old but lovely song. Enjoy!

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