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Lattice Mirror


I’ve been contemplating a DIY version of the mirrors in this bedroom:

Maybe using a painted radiator cover layered over mirror? Garden trellis?

Then I spied this beauty in the mirror section of Home Goods, for $99:

I’m imagining a pair of these mirrors, flanking a bed, above the night stands. It looked like the mirror could be removed pretty easily from the frame, in case you felt like painting out the gold. The white in the inspiration room is so crisp and fresh!

Stay tuned for a great give away…

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36 thoughts on “Lattice Mirror

  1. These are so pretty. I've been eyeing an old pair of lattice doors with the most amazing blue chippy paint for a year now at our antique salvage store. I LOVE the peek of glass behind all the fancy-work.

  2. Go to your local hardware store and take a look at the sheets of metal that you could spray paint white! I did that for a friend – and they are magnetic too which is fun to have "note to self" stations.
    (Not that you need any ideas) I love those golden finds. Good eye.

  3. That mirror is gorgeous & I think it would be so romantic in a bedroom! I love it. And I would keep it gold! I've been on a gold kick lately with decorations…it's warming & feminine without being floral :) Nice find! I'm jealous!

  4. I just saw those at Home Goods – was thinking of hanging a pair horizontally on this weird empty wall! The price is definitely right! Now, how to get those suckers home…..

  5. Oh I envy anyone who has a Home Goods close by. I have to drive about 3 hours to get to my closest :(. I love those mirrors you found. Will keep my eyes open for what you come up with, I'm sure it will be fab!

  6. I saw those exact mirrors @ my homegoods yesterday, and thought they'd be fantastic for headboards for twin beds…I wanted to scoop them up, but alas, I'm moving 1000 miles away in 60 days, so accumulating more "stuff" is not on the list of things I should be doing!


  7. Wow, these mirrors are making me crazy! I hope I find them at my local Homegoods :) I adore these… great, great find!

  8. I have a knockout mirror in my newly redone-guest bath from Home Goods. Fantastic old looking frame with antiqued mirror and EVERYTHING! Love your idea with this one!

  9. LOVE THESE. I tried one just a bit north of here, but id didn't have even one of these delicious mirrors, and a snowstorm came in the way of my hunt today, but I'll be back on the road tomorrow following the sanding trucks to the 2 others in my area. Wish me luck!

  10. We currently live in a 1936 cutie in old Orange County, CA. I love it. I'm addicted to telephone nooks, laundry chutes, etc. That being said, I actaully think my dream home would be to build a brand new home with old world style. The maintenance on this house is a doozy!.

  11. Whow! I need to hit up HG again to see if these are at my outpost. LOVE them and they'd be a great way to fill a very large (and very empty) wall in my bedroom.

  12. Whow! I need to hit up HG again to see if these are at my outpost. LOVE them and they'd be a great way to fill a very large (and very empty) wall in my bedroom.

  13. What a great idea. This will have me looking at things differently to discover something to cover the mirror.

  14. I have it's twin here in Denver! I went to two other Home Goods the same day to find a pair. No luck! I love the idea of painting it white. I also found your mohair chair in navy :)

  15. Very creative idea, I love it. This is the beauty of doing it yourself, it's unique and the feeling of fulfillment, it makes you happy, and that's the most important in your designs. It's nice to see blogs like this, it inspires you to do it as well. Thanks for sharing.

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