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  1. Those just remind me of my high school advanced biology project where I had to collect and dry something like 50 native plants. If I could find that old collection I suppose they would make interesting wall art.

  2. Long time lurker, first time commenter (although I wanted to comment after you wrote about your daughter's birth because I was bawling, but you already had like 500 comments!). Anyway, I just bought these — they were EXACTLY what I have been looking for for a large space in my family room. Thanks so much!

  3. so so pretty! i have coral sea fans that i framed which remind me of this aesthetic. i just love the look of having natural elements as decor even if they are fake or pages out of a book. it's always fun to bring the outdoors in!

  4. Wow! Thank you! I have always loved those–great price too–lots of "bang for your buck" with these prints!:)

    Thanks for sharing your find. Love your blog by the way.:)

  5. These are beautiful. They would be the perfect gift for a master gardener (ex-MIL of mine)!! And to make the buy even sweeter I found these prints for half the price on ebay! Great post.

  6. any suggestions on framing these prints at a reasonable price??

    I LOVE THEM and want them for my new living room project, but didn't want to break the bank!!

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