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Another reason why 2010 will be a big year for me and my family? This is the year that we move to New York City. We have been going back and forth between living in the city and living in the suburbs. Right now we are thinking city, mostly for commute reasons. {Well, mostly because the city is AWESOME, but secondly because an hour+ commute for my husband after a 14 hour work day is no good for him or me}

This NYC apartment was featured in September’s Martha Stewart Living and has already been posted about a few times, but I LOVE it. I think if we end up in the city, this sort of decorating is the way to go. Spare and clean, but lived-in looking and real. Jennifer Chused owns this Brooklyn apartment with her son and husband. She is one of the head designers at Dwell Studio.

First up, the foyer. Check out the antiqued mirror! Who really wants to see a wrinkles-and-all-reflection every time they walk in or out of the house? Here’s a great tutorial for turning any plain-jane mirror into an “antique.”

I think this is an awesome kitchen for a city apartment – butcher block counters and subway tiles all the way to the ceiling. The rug is from Madeline Weinrib and the bull’s head is from a flea market.

Here’s Jennifer in her stunning dining room. I love the yellow rug and all the pretty wood furniture. Noticing a trend with the creamy white walls? So fresh! And I like that she opted for simple cream fabric shades on the windows. Not at all fussy.

The linens are from Dwell (naturally). They look great paired with the peacock dinnerware from Anthropologie.

Jennifer’s son’s play room is absolutely adorable. The rug is from Dwell Studio, as are the fabric shades. The red rocker in the back corner is such a fun punch of color! It is Ron Arad’s design for Vitra, called the Tom Rock chair. I could only find the straight leg version online, at Unica Home. Craigslist sometimes produces this chair or similar rockers.

Jennifer made the soft storage bins shown here, but there are some available for purchase from the Dwell brown dots collection. The red toy bridges are available here.
And don’t you just LOVE the framed series? Yup, you guessed it. The prints are pages from a book about vintage airplanes (I wish they had shared the title of that book!! Anyone know?).

The vintage pronunciation chart, also in the playroom, is absolutely adorable!

You can purchase similar vintage educational charts on eBay and etsy. I like this one

and this one is very cute (especially if your child’s name begins with R!).

There is a whole series of these adorable charts. Love the black and yellow! Someone should snatch these up ASAP.

Jennifer and her husband’s bedroom is probably my favorite room in the apartment. I love the subtle gray-green wall color, the chandelier, that mirror!, THOSE PRINTS!!, and the chest (purchased on eBay). I also spy Dwell’s Pearl Chinoiserie bedding. Very pretty!

So here’s my question for you readers – would you rather live a little on the spare side in the city? Or are you more inclined to the urban sprawl with lots of room for lots of stuff?

Here’s my problem: I have lots of stuff and I love the city. Boo.

What did you think?
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  1. Amazing apartment! the use of the area rugs is very nice because the graphic quality they have add to the room lots of interest. the artwork in the boys rooms is super cute… ;)

  2. Hi Jenny! Love your blog..question for you: by any chance, do you know where the yellow print rug is from/can be found (the one featured in the dining room photo)? It's the exact style and color I am currently seeking. Thanks so much!

  3. I am one of the anonymous posters from 1/7 (2B2 long). Well, I got jinxed commenting on your upcoming move! Last night – out of the blue- the hubs came home w/the news that he's getting another promo & we'll move 2 Asia next summer. Spent 4 great years there a decade ago so we know what we're getting in2. But, thought I was done relocating. 6 – SIX! – relo's in 16 yrs….not incl. minor housing moves w/in new locations. My daughter has been in 8 schools & she's only 12. I've been following your blog since the winter of '08 & have been amazed at what appears 2B (from the outside) a fearlessness when faced with relocation. AND, you've got babies!! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I am going to (try really, really hard 2) adopt your positive, can-do attitude & look at this as a great adventure. Now, I'm off to research schools….

  4. Well you have plenty of advice, but I thought I would leave my two cents. Why not the best of both worlds? Nobody has mentioned Inwood (past Harlem and Washington Heights). I've lived here five years with my husband and now have a two year old. Apartments are MUCH larger than downtown for much less. Hudson Heights is a great area with a wonderful school: PS 187. There are lots of parks. It's about 45 min from the financial district, but you are still in Manhattan and can have more room! Also, is a great blog for living with kids in the city. Love your blog and style, btw. Good luck!

  5. Hi – I just discovered your blog today and just love it! Lucky you moving to NYC! I am not sure about the burbs vs the city! That commute, on top of a 14 day? UGH! But hauling three kids (and a stroller) around the city? UGH! So, I guess I'd probably go for the city. Even though I personally didn't – my husband and I, and our daughter live outside Philly. We lived in the city before she was born, but a yard is so nice. Anyway, nice to meet you! Love your blog! And congrats on the new baby!

  6. I agree that the romance of living in NYC is very different than the reality of being there. I worked as a corporate lawyer at one of the bigger NYC firms, and I still lived in a studio because the prices were so crazy. A $2700 studio. I remember the first time I went out with a broker I cried at the end of the day because I couldn't believe how awful some of the apartments were. I finally broke down a year ago and got a storage unit in Harlem (cheaper prices) and it has been a saving grace. NYC was absolutely exhausting for me as a single girl and I cannot even imagine having 3 children there. Good-luck!

  7. Hi. Did anyone ever come back to you on which book those plane prints came from? I love them.

  8. I just happened upon this great blog. It’s a long shot since the post is older, however I’ve gotta ask were is the sideboard from that is in the play room?

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