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Pearl Street – The Next Generation


We were in Arizona a few months ago for my brother’s wedding. I helped with a lot of decorating while we were there (my sister’s home, a shower and the reception).

While we were at the reception one of my extended family members asked my oldest daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. She normally says “a cowgirl” or “a doctor like granddaddy” but that night she said “a Becorator like my mommy.”

{queue my heart breaking}

Here we are at Home Depot a few days ago getting some wood cut for that client install in NYC. I watched in awe as my somewhat shy girl, on her own, asked the Home Depot employee all about the saw and the measurements, etc. And then she asked if she could wear a pair of safety goggles too.

I think we would make a pretty good mommy-daughter ‘becorating’ team.

What did you think?
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44 thoughts on “Pearl Street – The Next Generation

  1. That is so sweet. I keep trying to figure out how to include my sons more in my work (children's clothing design) but it's not that successful. Too bad we're at fabric warehouses instead of Home Depot…

  2. you too would make such a great becorating team. she is adorable. The other day ellie asked what color brother's room is. I replied blue. she said "no mommy, what's the name of the color".

  3. I think she's dressed perfectly for a trip to Home Depot, perfect for the becorator in training! My daughter says she wants to be an architect and build the houses I decorate! Isn't it great having little girls!!

  4. How adorable! She will learn so much from you, without even realizing it! My mom is a fabulous home decorator, & I never knew all the things I'd picked up from her until I had my own home. Both of your daughters will have their own beautiful homes someday, decorated with the skills that they will learn from you! What a wonderful thought :)

  5. Adorable. I love the photo with her fingers in her ears. Precious for sure. Little girls always look up to their mommies it seems.

  6. Ah just another bit of proof that they really do take note of everything we do…very cute. Don't you love the way kids talk too…

    P.S. – Is it too late to congratulate you on the new arrival…That was quite the way to welcome the new baby….or your best creation this year. (and that says lots because you have created lots of beautiful things this year)

  7. So cute. Thanks for sharing. My daughter who looks about her age, plugs her ears for loud noises too.

  8. SWEEEET….

    Oh that picture makes me want to zap my daughter back to that age…I love your daughter's little sneakers….!

    I remember one day when my daughter was that age she came home from nursery school…. and I had rearranged the livingroom ….she exclaimed "Mommy who moved the furniture"…I told her I did.. (that's before those zippy little sliding pads) "Well really Jacqui it was me. myself and I"she thought that was hilarious told her Dad at dinner and anyone that came into the house… thanks Jenny for the sweet memory….

    I love kids that age…

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  9. I am a new reader to your blog, which I found via a link from another blog and I LOVE IT! Such good, fun info here. I'm in the cooking business but have been really inspired lately to take a good look at design, colours, my home etc. (maybe it's natural for us creative types). Anyways, I can't wait to read more…

  10. Adorable daughter. Your blog is such a treat to me! I'm a busy mom and graduate student and I love to escape here each day!!! Thanks. :)

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