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Reader Request: Ikat Fabric for Drapes


LGN reader Meghan is decorating her toddler son’s room and has fallen in love with these ikat drapes available at Horchow for $250 a panel. Yipes!

She would love help finding the same panels for a (much) lower price, or some similar fabric with which to make her own curtains. Meghan’s especially fond of the green in the fabric, which coordinates with a vintage green dresser she recently purchased for the nursery.

I think Robert Allen’s Khandar has a similar feel/color scheme and I actually like this pattern more than the Horchow drapes. Available here and here.

Here’s a different colorway. This one is an outdoor print, which would still work fine as drapery.

Let’s help Meghan! Do you recognize this pattern?

And, on a related note, check out Janell’s incredibly thorough series on sewing drapes. Her finished panels (also an ikat pattern!) look so professional. A must read if you’re considering tackling your own curtain project!

What did you think?
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30 thoughts on “Reader Request: Ikat Fabric for Drapes

  1. I in no way plan to tackle making my own panels but Janell's look wonderful! Her tutorial made me quickly decide I will have mine made or buy them :)

    Love the other fabrics you found for this client.

  2. I will be making my own panels for my bedroom BUT I'm stuck!!!What comes first in a room that's a blank slate? – Bedspread or window treatments? All the while trying to pump some life back into some old "contemperary" furniture.

  3. Jenny, thank you so much for the mention! I am completely flattered!

    Enjoying reading your blog and I am looking forward to seeing how the possible adventure of a move to the city developes! Janell

  4. I like your suggestions better than the original too – though they are lovely of course. Reading posts like these really make me want to learn how to sew!

  5. This pattern I believe is at a fabric store in my city. I think I have a sample at home! It's WAAAAYYY cheaper, I'd be happy to make sure it's the same. Meghan, email me at and maybe we can work something out! I'd love to help!

  6. If she has some time on her hands (probably not with a baby on the way!), maybe she could buy some neutral cotton and stamp a design on the drapes? It seems like the pattern is kind of geometric, so maybe creating a stamp out of foam core would work, and she could also match paint colors to her dresser precisely. When her baby "outgrows" the room, she could make a fun tee-pee or a napsack or something out of the fabric, and not feel guilty about cutting up expensive fabric. Just a (far-fetched, very ambitious) thought!

  7. Hi! I work at a fabric store called the Whole 9 Yards in Portland Oregon. I have seen that fabric in one of my books, available for special order. I am not at the store today, but I can definitely track it down when I am there tomorrow. Please call or email me at the store or 503.223.2880 and I can get you all the info you need!

  8. WOW!

    I actually have the answer for this! The fabric is actually from Duralee. It is in the Istanbul Exclusive prints book. Pattern: #20936 Color 215 Multi. Here is a link to the actual fabric…

    I am not sure where you can buy it from though, I work at an interior design firm. It is quite an inexpensive fabric. I used this exact pattern lst week for pillows. Good luck!

  9. Thank you everyone! I am LGN Reader Meghan, who made the request. THANKS THANKS THANKS!! LGN is not only the best blog, it has the best followers as well!! Hugs & Kisses!

  10. Meghan, the fabric store in my city carries this fabric at $13.99 per yard. That's quite a significant savings if you ask me! I'm still willing to help you out!

  11. I saw the most gorgeous Ikat in yellow, green, and blue on white at Joann's today. Probably for less than $10 a yard. Imagine that.

  12. Hi everyone! I would love to take a moment and remind everyone how important it is to shop local these days. There are so many wonderful Mom and Pop brick and mortar shops that offer such wonderful customer service, but can't compete with the big online retailers! Just as we are all trying to embracing the slow foods movement and are eating local – it is important to shop local too! Online retails don't have as much overhead, nor do they employ residents of your neighborhood. So please, look toward your local shops FIRST and buy online only as a last resort! Thanks for letting me be preachy! :) You are all a wonderful source of inspiration, and I love being a part of the online blog-world! And if you are ever in Portland OR, come visit the Whole 9 Yards – I would love to say hi!

  13. Urban outfitters has the Robert Allen fabric in a sliperchair: colour: jewel, slipperchair – on line only

  14. Mrs. Robinson (Victoria),

    What a fantastic post!! As a small biz owner and supporter of the 350Project I loved seeing your post.

    Little Green Notebook: Awesome blog too!!!

  15. Just came across this post and in case you haven't found anything, I saw this fabric at Zimmans a couple months ago for $15.95/yd. I have a photo of it I can't attach here, but the SKU looks to be Dupa L20938 Color 215. Worth a call to them to see if they still have it!
    If you want to see the photo email me at!

  16. It is a Duralee fabric– I designed it while I was their print director– Greg Lawrence–

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