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Recent Client Work and Room Service Home


Remember this photoshop mock up for one of my eDecorating clients? It’s a little hard to get a sense of the true colors in these iPhone pics, but the Osborne and Little paper is in and it’s gorgeous!

And check out those fab pillows from one of my favorite LGN sponsors, Plum Cushions!

The big splurge of the project was this amazing white lacquered and mirrored credenza from Room Service Home. They give discounts to designers, so we were able to get a pretty good deal on the piece. Isn’t it a showstopper?

Check out some of my other favorite offerings from RSH. If you have the money, the way to go is to mix a piece or two like one of these with other mostly traditional (and hopefully less expensive!) furnishings.

I am so crazy over these pink kids chairs. Perfection with a farmhouse style children’s table.

Oh, little red desk. How I love thee.

$550 is not a bad price for a sputnik as big and awesome as this one.

This chic pink outdoor lounger looks strangely familiar…

Ah, yes. Nicky Hilton’s dining room! Did you know that Room Service Home has quite the celebrity client list?

via In Style Magazine

I know I’ve posted this before, but my favorite trick for kid-friendly dining chair upholstery is using faux animal skin. I LOVE the black faux croc on these louis dining chairs.

This Moroccan table is awesome, and reminds me a lot of one of my very favorite dining tables featured in Domino…

I so wish I could find this exact table somewhere. Does anyone remember the source?


This turquoise headboard is totally on my DIY list. I think it would be pretty simple to replicate. I just need a good source for oversized brass nail head trim. Love it.

Nothing beats a sleek chrome and lacquer side table. I’d love to pair something like this with a tufted linen sofa. Wouldn’t navy blue be stunning?

What did you think?
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40 thoughts on “Recent Client Work and Room Service Home

  1. You have great style!

    I was recently in a home designed by Betty Burgess (with Betty's design assistant), and the assistant told me that the clients agreed to use a chandelier that Betty has been trying to convince a client to use for years – not the sputnik, but similar shape and quite spiky. It reminded me of a sea urchin. Sometimes you need that client who is willing to go out on a limb a bit!

  2. I LOVE the wallpaper (I tried to convince my husband to hang it in our entry) – but I don't quite love the sisal colored wall as much (atleast I assume that is the color, since it seems to match the rug). Hope that you can get a regular photo to post as well, as I am sure that it all makes sense when you can see the details.

  3. What are the two bookshelves in the back? btw love the accent chair choices for the room.

  4. love it. i showed my sister your blog last week, especially highlighting the leafing your applied to the nightstands. i thought you'd like to know that she is spending her weekend leafing everything in sight. EVERYTHING. i hope her husband can reign her in. anyhoo, here's a large brass tack resource – 1 3/16" is the biggest… the sight is a bit unruly but they seem to have a lot of product. anyhoo, i don't know if you can get them cheaper (let us all know if you can) but i thought i'd pass it along. okay, i'll slink back into my blog stalker shadows. and thanks for the story of your daughter's birth. it made me tear up a bit. and laugh a bit at the same time. congrats. bb

  5. oh that room is fabulous! seriously, that mirrored credenza is calling my name. and where oh where is that orange ottoman/coffee table from?

  6. I wonder, what is the difference between a credenza and a console? We are in the market for a nice flat-screen TV console such as you might find at Ikea or Pier One, but alas our budget is more in the thrifty range and you certainly don't find flat screen TV consoles being given away around here. Ho-hum.

  7. How have I never heard of Room Service Home before?! Thank you!

    Katherine – Have you tried Craigslist? I'm currently looking for something for my living room, and there are so many great options, especially if you're just looking for a tv console. I typically use credenza, buffet, console and cabinet as search terms, but that's because I need a cross between a TV console and a buffet.

  8. Katherine and Brigitte, I was in the market for something like that, (using Craigslist), and I found the best ones using, "dresser" as the search term. You know those old, wide ones? You have to sift through a lot of "not-what-I'm-looking-for's," but some people call it a dresser, even if there is just one drawer.

    Good luck!

  9. oh goodness..i love it ALL! especially the red desk….sort of reminds me of the side table in your home office. LOVE IT!

  10. Oh, I'm dying over that little x-base stool. I bet that you could transform something thrifted into something similar to the console, too– not in my budget at any price right now, I'm afraid.

    Your room turned out just beautifully!

  11. Hi Jenny,
    I came upon you through Cote de Texas and spent all of yesterday combing through your fabulous posts.
    I'm smitten by you and your blog!
    I think you are amazingly talented and am so inspired by you!
    Congratulations on your new baby daughter. You really must be Super Mom!

  12. could you let us know where you got the rug? i too have been looking for a natural fiber rug- one that would be good for a high traffic room but would be comfy enough for a crawling toddler… oh, and one that won't break the bank either! any recommendations?

  13. Nicole – My client assures me that the wall color is better in person. The iphone pics have washed out the walls a little and the brown in more green in real life.

    Anon – The bookshelves are from West Elm. Love them!

    Becky – Thank you so much for the lead on the large nail head trim! Can't wait to check it out!

    Molly – the orange ottoman is from WS Home.

    Katherine – credenzas, sideboards, buffets, consoles and even dressers are all used interchangably. There are differences in reality, but people on Craigslist use all those names usually and it's a good idea to search for all of them. Good luck!

    Cricket – You can get really great seagrass rugs for a great price from Overstock, eBay, Ballard Designs, and

    Emma – the Dream Peace Love pillow is available at Room Service Home here:

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