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Hi friends,

Happy Monday! I hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend. I’m home with my family in Arizona. We had a mini family reunion here and it was so wonderful to see almost all my siblings and their families (though we missed you, Heather!).

As a side note, I’m shockingly behind on emails. I won’t be back in Delaware until March 3, and won’t really be working at full speed until then. If you need an answer faster than that, please email me a second time. Thanks!

One of the fun parts about coming to see family is they always let me experiment with their home decorating projects. I usually get to do four or five projects or rooms each trip.

My sister moved to a new house this year and I think we’re going to try this project from Southern Living in her kitchen. She has an end cabinet that looks just like this one in the picture.

Right now it’s painted with chalkboard paint, which we’ll keep, but I think some of these suggested additions will do just the trick, like a piece of cork, a magnet board and some trim to finish off the look.

Thanks to a tip from an LGN reader, we will order some over-sized nail heads from this site.

And for the ribbon border we’ll be making a stop to one of my favorite little shops in Mesa – Ribbons and Lace.

We’re planning to pick up a roll of cork at Michaels and we’ll get some metal sheeting cut at Home Depot for the magnet board.

images via Southern Living
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25 thoughts on “Family Command Center

  1. I covered my daughters' door in cork and the problem I had was the cork was too thin to properly stick a pin into. Something might stay up for a while, but would eventually fall off. I got the cork in 12" squares at Michael's.

    Have you dealt with this? Are the rolls thicker?

  2. If you are in need of adopting a family to commandeer, look no further, we would love to be part of your world. You always share so wonderfully of your talents and your time.
    I am calling that project "Smart Wall!"

  3. jennica, are you in snowflake? We would love to see ya..we are in lakeside ya know!

    Hey, we will also be in Mesa this weekend, just friday night and saturday day time- we have to speak in church on sunday , but we are making a quick shopping trip for the REI garage sale- we need winter gear and will probably buy a bunch of stuff we don't need too!
    let us know
    Just e-mail me, or i'll try to check back here to see if you comment, but i'm forgetful, sometimes I forget to feed jake( My son)!ha ha (ok, I don't forget, he is just not hungry when I offer food, and then we go most of the day and I realize that I never MADE him eat!)

  4. Again, you always have the best DIY projects…one of these days my goal is to come up with a project that might impress YOU for a change. A girl can dream.
    p.s. I email'd you a few weeks ago, but I will try again, not to make you feel obligated but just to make sure you got it!

  5. oh ribbons and lace… with 3 girls I can't leave there without spending a ridiculous amount of money :) Love your blog and inspirational ideas :)

  6. What a great idea! I bet it will look great! And I must admit, I'm envious that you're in AZ…I love it there this time of year!

  7. How wonderful to visit with your family! Mesa is wonderful this time of year.

    I'm also excited to see the finished result. I hope you post photos of this project and any of the other ones you have worked on while there. You're always so inspirational!


  8. What a fun idea! I need to check out that ribbon store next weekend!

    Since you seem to know a few things about the Phoenix area, can I pick your brain on something?

    Are there any good upholstery/fabric stores around town that sell to the public (other than Joanne's)? I haven't been able to find anything since I've moved here…then again, I haven't really been searching too hard. I want something unique, maybe remnants of designer fabrics…upholstery weight material. I've found several fabric stores for quilters, but nothing for upholstery. Help?!

  9. Hi Hitch! I really love Home Decorator fabrics on Stapley and Baseline in Mesa. Really beautiful and really cheap home decor and upholstery weight fabrics for between $5 and $10 a yard. I also like SAS fabrics where they sell fabrics by the pound (you really have to dig though.) There's also a great fabric store across the parking lot from Calico Corners in Scottsdale right by Fashion Square in Old Town. Two birds with one stone there!

    Hope that helps!

  10. Hi! I've been a longtime (though quiet) follower of your blog, and I particularly like this project. I have a similar cabinet in my kitchen that I'm wanting to do a chalkboard-style command centre in. Do you have any after pictures? I'd love to see them! How did you find the cork board? I've heard it can be too thin to really be practical.

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