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GIVE AWAY: Restoring a House in the City

Book Club

Thanks to author Ingrid Abramovitch and the lovely people at Artisan Publishing, we have a copy of the amazing book, Restoring A House in the City, up for grabs!

Whether you are currently renovating an old home, or plan to someday take on a huge renovation (me!), or even if you just have an appreciation of beautiful old homes (and amazing decor!!), this book is a great read. Pure eye candy from start to finish, and loads of useful information.

To enter to win your own copy of this big, beautiful coffee table book, please leave a comment here about your dream home. A new build with classic details? A centuries-old townhouse in the city? A charming farmhouse in the country?

After finishing Restoring A House in the City, I definitely would chose a grand brownstone in the metropolis. I’m completely in love with the Greek Revival style especially.

Commenting closes Thursday, February 4 at midnight. Good luck!

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548 thoughts on “GIVE AWAY: Restoring a House in the City

  1. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS also wanted an old brownstone deep in the historical section of a big city. swoon! :) I have also been meaning to buy this book so winning it would be fabulous! :)

  2. An elegantly run-down 18th century Tuscan villa with a mix of period and mid-century modern furniture and mismatched china would be lovely!

  3. My husband and I used to think that our dream home would be one that was custom built, but we have found that we LOVE the idea of finding a house with all the good bones to fix up from top to bottom! And while it will be many years before that happens, I love getting daily inspiration from everywhere!

  4. I would love an old farm house..hard wood floors, balcony with a swing. I would love to mix the old with touches of modern. I just bought a house in the woods that is going to need some TLC and am looking forward to the possibilities.

  5. My dream home is old and charming. Original hardwood flooring. Floor to ceiling windows in my kitchen that faces breathtaking landscape to look at while I do dishes. And preferably a red front door. And the interior all decorated by Pearl Street Interiors! (Can't get enough of your style…showed some of your work to my mother the other day and she said, "well she's not afraid of color is she?" I love it!)—Tess Adair

  6. I love the idea of restoring a Boston Brownstone right in the center of the city. Everything is at your doorstep! And I absolutly love your blog too!

  7. If money were not a contributing factor… my dream home would be Victorian Gothic style home in a historic town or even in the country. I would update all the plumbing and electrical and put in all the modern necessities.

  8. Wow! Thanks for the opportunity. I would love to finally finish our townhouse in the city. It is three stories and we have lived with almost constant restoration projects since we've moved in- but I love it. Next up, restoring the wood floors. I was thinking a deep walnut stain, but after viewing the entryway photo in your book- I may have to revise that plan. Thanks again!

  9. An art deco house on Prince Edward Island. There is one there I love to have.

    nine mile creek

  10. I would love a fixer-upper in a city. That would be my dream! Something with original architectural details… be still my beating heart!

  11. My dream house is a house on the beach – don't care if it's old, traditional, modern or a shack. I would be oh, so happy!

    Christine McD

  12. i love love love old houses. super old. my dream is to buy an older house and slowly renovate and make it my own.

    i also love the way old houses smell (that might be weird but i do!)

    what a great giveaway! thanks so much!

  13. Living in the South, I would love to one day restore a charming "Old South" antebellum home. I love when older homes are restored with a mix of traditional and modern styles. I would like to preserve some of the original elements to give it history and presence while incorporating modern and fresh features to give the home's personality a little spark!

    P.S. I absolutely love your blog!

  14. My dream home idea is also ever-changing, but most likely we'll be spending quite a few years in 1950's tract homes since the neighborhood and schools are decent! I'm having fun playing with ideas of making our house less "tract-homey" and more unique! I think this book would be a great addition :)

  15. Looks like a great book. I live in an older house (1930s) in a smaller rural town. There are some details I would love to keep and some that I would want to modernize (like heating the finished attic to use for office space)

  16. Having just bought our first home in November, my ideas for a dream home are consumed with the here and now. I love our 1910 Dutch colonial – its a good size for us (space for everyone to "get lost" for a while but not overwhelming in terms of cleaning and maintenance). It has a lot of features that I adore – tons of windows & natural light, built-ins and trim galore, old subway tile, hardwood floors, fenced in backyard, and a totally affordable mortgage payment thanks to the rental income we get from a lovely 850 sq. ft. carriage house apartment out back…But there is plenty of room for dreaming. The bathroom and kitchen need updating, badly. My dream house kithen abd baths dont have to be big – just functional, simple and lovely. Which they are not at the moment. Someday though, someday!

  17. My dream home…it changes between two extremes. I love the city (I am a former New Yorker) and I used to walk home from work and admire the brownstones with their garden level kitchens. I love city living but I need space for my family. My husband and I have enjoyed home remodeling for years and a city home would be fantastic!

    My other dream home is a traditional bungalow/cottage on the beach with a wide screened porch. We are currently remodeling a beach house in Delaware. The house is across the street from the beach and as arcitecture goes…it's no gem. We love the space and the proximity to the beach and go there all year round.

    I would love to spend hours with this book. Tons of inspiration and daydreaming.

  18. I just love how the design has incorporated the step ladder into the bookshelf. I am just beginning to think about remodeling my first place and this book has so many amazing ideas.

  19. Having lived in a few very old houses in my time, my dream house would be brand new, but made to look old with huge mouldings, french doors, lots of architectural detail, wainscotting etc. But all the convenience of new construction and no remodelling chaos. ;-)

  20. Oh, I would love this book. I've seen it here in my local bookstore and it's divine!

    My dream house would be an old farmhouse with wooden floor and a large porch out front..ah, someday!

  21. My dream house would be very similar to the house that I currently live in – but larger. A 1940's cottage or a bungalow style. I would love an expansive front porch with a privacy screen of wisteria, an on-site photography studio for my husband, and a craft and sewing room for myself. I would love a larger kitchen – room for a breakfast nook and for more than one cook at a time, along with a big yard with sun to garden. Right now a giant maple occupies our backyard. Garden or maple, we can't have both. The tree wins, hands down. In my next backyard, I dream of having both!


  22. What beautiful pictures! My dream home is traditional/colonial with a wrap around porch & plenty of gardening & picnicing/outdoor lunch party space.

  23. We spotted one over Christmas–1835 Greek Revival farmhouse on 39 acres. Problem is, we love our "mid century modern" in the village. Wish we would win the lottery so we could enjoy both

  24. We lived in the heart of the city and adored it–except the noise, which amazingly we didn't notice over time… We have moved and now adore "Big Sky" country. I would love to be inspired by fresh ideas to make historic feel ours.

  25. My dream house is definitely a charming oldy that I can rework for crafting, cooking, and green living. A brownstone sounds divine, but I'd be happy with many pre-1940s houses.

  26. My wife and I have dreamed of having our own home for years. I am so blessed because we got a good bargain from our friend, Lisa. We purchased her beautiful, classic 40 year old cottage house. Before moving in, I consulted a house foundation expert on its safety and possible problems. They inspected the entire house for cracks, drainage and plumbing problems. He said that the house may need rehabilitation. (Why am I not surprised? The house has been standing for 4 decades!) We agreed on the estimated cost. They immediately worked on conducting soil stabilization methods and foundation repair techniques. The guys are highly skilled and very professional. I am so pleased. I'm calling my wife now, to tell her the results. Well, since she's the artist in the family, she is in charge of choosing the paint in the rooms. I'm so excited! Our dream is becoming a reality!

  27. I need this book. I want to learn to renovate my house. I want to learn from beginner to expert. I have plans to fix some model rooms.

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  29. Hi! Are you still giving away a copy of the book? Anyway, let me tell you guys about my dream home. The truth is my wife and I wanted to buy this corner house and lot in the city. Fortunately, it's still on sale. It is a three bedroom house. Perfect for our starting family and our budget. For us to buy that house, however, we need to sell our current home first. I’m just glad that my friend referred this fantastic Minneapolis home inspection professionals. Yesterday, we had several men who did the inspection. St Paul MN residents are so lucky to have such specialized persons to check the roof, plumbing, house foundation, etc. Well, we are hoping to move in first quarter of next year. By the way, nice blog. Love your posts Jenny!

  30. These are great ideas for our vacation home. I was talking to my wife on renovating the old house into a more relaxing, and inviting nest. We're doing a DIY. Houses that are small but with good ambiance is a dream of hers. But the idea of reconstructing an urban house into a farmhouse-like is fantastic! It would be perfect for the old folks.

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