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Good Bones, Great Pieces


I am really loving the blog Good Bones, Great Pieces, which is authored by a mother and daughter design team. (hello, dream!)

Together they decorated this beautiful little apartment in Brooklyn Heights, which was recently featured in Traditional Home. You can read the article here. It’s a good one, full of great tips.

I am so, so in love with this little settee from Mitchell Gold. I can never get enough of ticking stripes. That mirror is to die for. And the pop of yellow from the lamp is just perfection.

I think what I love the most about this apartment is that it doesn’t look overly decorated. There is a sense of purpose and history with each piece and nothing is too matchy.

That gorgeous cream chair with the brown velvet piping above and below was a $25 Craigslist find.

White is such a good choice when painting furniture for small spaces.

I love the black matting in the framed art series above the bed.

And what a beautful vanity! I think it was clever to give the side table double duty as a vanity.

If you’re not already reading the Good Bones, Great Pieces blog, you’re really missing out.

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40 thoughts on “Good Bones, Great Pieces

  1. Just wanted to point out, I illustrated their artwork on the site for them – They are uber chic! I knew you would like their style.
    Ready to do a give-away? Game on.

  2. I know, right? Love Lauren's apartment and the way it is decorated. The settee, the pop of yellow, the spindley legs on the vanity and the venetian mirror! Really spectacular! I couldn't agree with you more!

  3. What an incredible apartment – just beautiful. Thank you for pointing them out, I hadn't come across their blog (or their work) before.

  4. I've never heard of it – so thanks for the recommendation. That yellow lamp and the mirror in the last photo are my faves. I wonder where they got the mirror? I'm heading over there to hopefully find out!

  5. I've been reading their great blog for a while – they do have great style. Their blog is a lot of fun, as this one is too!

  6. I love their style so much. It's just seamless. Even the white on the dresser is perfect.. not too bright, not too ivory. Just right. I've seen the pictures on the web but I think I must go get the issue asap. :)

  7. Is there anyway we could get a sourcelist for these pictures? Those grey "coffee" tables would be perfect in my living room, and those curtains!

  8. Beautiful. I wish I could do something like that. All I own is white furniture…and then I'm too scared to put a lot of color or mix patterns. They make it look so easy.

  9. I love that apartment! I was charmed by it a while back when I first saw it and still love it. It's so homey and it does not seem like everything was bought at once, but that it was accumulated over time. It gives me great inspiration!

  10. love the vanity used as a side table too!! That will give me food for thought…humm! Could I do that? Thanks for your post, loved the pictures!

  11. Thank you for sharing one of your favorite blogs. It's fun to learn what you're reading and what is inspiring you. Actually – I'd really appreciate a blog post dedicated to your fav blogs :)

  12. I saw this house in Traditional Home and loved it! I didn't realize though that they authored a blog…I'm totally going to check it out.

  13. I love the chest of drawers in the living room. It's a piece of furniture that I wouldn't think to put in that room, but I love the way it looks between the two windows.

  14. I've had their blog on my reader for a while and I've so enjoyed it! So much great inspiration.

  15. What a great space! I love how fresh and clean it looks. Apartments are usually so hard to decorate because they're temporary but this one looks inviting and lived-in. Great post!

  16. I noticed a few people asked where the curtains are from….they're from the Ikea Stockholm collection

    On the space…Love it! The petite scale of the furniture is perfect for the space and I just love the mixtures of colors. It looks like a space of loved things that go together seamlessly, rather than a room decorated all at once just to match. Perfect!

  17. I've enjoyed reading "Good Bones, Great Pieces" for a long time. Just came upon your blog and what a great site you have here! Such beautiful pictures.

  18. I love this apartment. I first noticed it because I have the same curtains in my living room. Love the use of the dresser in the living room. And I blogged about the vanity a few weeks ago. Clearly I should be reading their blog!

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  20. If you like this apartment, be sure to pick up a copy of our new book, "Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces To Carry You Through a Lifetime"!!

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