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Layered Mirrors

I love to use vintage or antique mirrors in decorating, but if there is a time or space constraint, I always point my clients in the direction of Ballard Designs.

I’ve been eyeing this mirror (on sale for $150).

I would get a pair and recreate a version of this bathroom featured in House Beautiful.

But, since the small size of this mirror is not very practical, I would probably opt for a layered look, like how this Venitian mirror was hung.

design by Tricia Huntley Zend, image via My Notting Hill
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38 thoughts on “Layered Mirrors

  1. I agree, it's a great trick–especially in a remodel/redecoration where there's a big wall of mirror to contend with. that last image is great!

  2. Mirrors make such a huge difference in decor (and I'm not saying that just because I like to see myself). I especially like mirrors with that old character–flakes torn away, a little brown, a little blurry.

  3. I love this circular mirror – I really really want to have it. Must find a way to convince the husband! I think it would be perfect placed right near the front door, a quick make-up / hair check opportunity before you step out!

  4. I love the mirror on mirror loook, but I have yet to figure out how to hang a mirror on another mirror. I have the perfect place to do that in my vanity area, but am clueless as to how to make it work. Please help!

  5. love this idea Jenny. We have the dreaded full mirror that although practical is not pretty. this takes it all the way to gorgeous!

  6. I love Ballards. Very interesting idea. I like it. Hmm, could something be done with a mirror and a framed picture, with the picture raised off the mirror a little? Thanks for inspiring…

  7. I have alway loved the mirror over mirror look…probably have at least 10 tear sheets and one variation in my own house. Love the Ballard mirrors you are considering…you should get them! :)

  8. Ok, I need that specific faucet in the bottome picture. I have been looking everywhere, can someone find me this faucet PLEASEEEEEE!

  9. Great ideas. I do love the House Beautiful bathroom….but you are right, they are a bit small. I am 5'2….I'd need a ladder to see myself. The 2nd image looks beautiful and practical!

  10. I am anxiously awaiting an answer as to how to hang that mirror on the mirror…it looks so fabulous but I can't figure it out either! I live near a Ballard outlet…it's definitely a fun place to visit!

  11. I've noticed this little mirror in Ballard too. I always think of a feminine mirror like this in a girls room, myself.

    As for how to hang a mirror on a mirror, I remember an Oprah when Nate Berkus did it using the black/white bone mirror and hung it by taping duct tape to the back mirror, then nailing on that. The duct tape prevented the mirror from splitting. Can't remember if there was more to it than that. But that's a start! (For Mary Catherine!)

  12. I just hung two mirrors on top of the builder basic mirror (also added a frame around that) in a client's house and it looks really cool! The only issue is that you can see the back of the mirror you hang on top so we took off all the hardware and actually used heavy velcro to attach it so that it could be more flush with the mirror underneath. That's my lil' tip of the day :)

    Love reading your blog!

  13. Thank you eclectic for the tip. I've had this exact problem trying to layer mirrors. I used heavy mirror cement (thus detroying both mirrors). Now I don't need to do anything so permanent. Best suggestions for heaviest duty velcro?

  14. Love the circular mirrors from Ballard – great find!

    And thanks again to those who shared how to mount one on top of a builder's mirror.

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