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Marbleized Paper


When we went to Italy for three weeks last summer, I enjoyed leafing through all the marbleized papers in the (tourist trap) shops in Venice and Florence. The organic and natural elements of these papers would be a welcome addition to almost any room.

The easiest way to incorporate the paper into your home is to pop a sheet into a frame. I love this orange and turquoise paper available for free download at Vintage Printables.

Nick Olsen glued marbleized paper to his IKEA coffee tables with rubber cement.

Christopher Spitzmiller lined his bookshelves with marbleized paper.

Surface View is a British company that sells ready-made and custom wall murals. I especially love these marbleized paper versions.

This mural is 75″x94″! Wouldn’t this be amazing in an entry or a dining room? I love the colors.

I’m dying to make my own papers for a framing project or for gift wrap using these instructions from Martha. Watch the step by step process here, on Martha’s show.

If you’re in the market for ready-made marbleized paper, Kate’s Paperie and Paper Mojo both have decent offerings.

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23 thoughts on “Marbleized Paper

  1. Love Love Love this post. What a great idea to glue it to a coffee table. And I am loving the accent wall behind a headboard. So interesting and modern.

  2. I got into marbleized paper for a minute when I was a teenager. It turns out it's really easy to do! It's a good snowed-in project! 15 years later I still have some of the stationary I made that marbleizing summer.

  3. well if it's good enough for Nick and Christopher … but seriously, I've been wanting to try it with the Martha instructions — very pretty!

    hope you're feeling better!

  4. These are such beautiful, great ideas!
    I used to make a lot of marble paper, it is actually very easy and sort of relaxing swirling the colors together. I never thought about framing any of them though, I think I might do that this summer.

  5. Love the look of marbelized paper,they are each so unique and fascinating. Hope you are feeling better, I am sure holding little one helped, I always say holding a baby is like good medicine. Kathysue

  6. You must be reading my mind today. I need some art work for my bedroom, so I bought three sheet of gorgeous paper and framed them. I think they look fantastic and I love seeing what other people have done with nothing more than some simple paper. Great post!

  7. oh my gosh i love your site. I am always looking for new decor ideas and p.s. i also have a green notebook but mine is for recipes! I love to cook and if you need ideas check me out! Just became a follower! cant wait to check back to your blog each day!

  8. I have always loved the look of marbled paper. Seeing it on the insides of book covers makes it so elegant. I am a seamstress and have been wanting to do the same technique with fabric. I think it would make some marvelous projects. Now I just need to get someone to build me a trough big enough to lay the yardage in.

  9. So pretty. I haven't thought about marbleized paper since I made it when I was 7 at the local renaissance faire! haha. Such a great idea to put marbleized paper to some use!

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