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  1. I'm loving them too. I think I would love the black and white one if it had the blue peacocks from the yellow one! Not an option I know, but I'm not in the States, it never really was :-(

  2. Beautiful. The color scheme (gray and yellow) reminds me of Sasha Adler's bedroom posted in the current issue of House Beautiful…LOVE!

  3. I think the blue/gray one is fantastic. Especially since it looks like there is an accent color (orange? pink?) that can be pulled out for accessories.

  4. I groaned when I read the title, but have had a change of heart about the blue/gray bed cover… even the yellow one works in context. Go Dwell!

  5. The grey, although the yellow is pretty.
    Jenny, I love your blog. Not only do you have great projects,your resources are priceless!
    Thank you,

  6. I love your blog!! It gives me great ideas to decorate my house!! I have a quick question for you, will you recommend to spray-paint a bassinet??

  7. I just saw some real, live peacocks today at a Brazilian farm – they were so exotic and cool. Makes me think I need a bit of pea fowl somewhere in my home…oh, the decisions!

  8. I love Dwell but I love Dwell + Target! Anyways, I love the yellow one, but there would be no way I could get this approved by my husband, the birds would totally freak him out!

  9. I've been needing some encouragement to repaint my bedroom gray – and with my love for peacocks this may be exactly what I needed! Thanks for the link.

  10. Wouldn't that be AMAZING with one of the original Peacock paintings from

    I want both in my bedroom right now!

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