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Did you hear that Martha Stewart paints will be sold at Home Depot beginning April 1? I’m really excited to see her new line (assuming it will be different from the Valspar/Lowes line).

I am bummed though that the Ralph Lauren paint line will be discontinued to make way for the Martha paints. I guess that Home Depot will keep all the RL formulas in their computers and they will also keep a fan deck of the old line behind their paint counter for color matching.

This morning I was at Home Depot picking up some supplies for a project at my mom’s house, and I had a few minutes to spare so I stood in front of the Ralph Lauren paint chip display and took one of each chip. I would have felt silly, but I’ve done this before (with the Martha line for Valspar) and knew it wasn’t that big of a deal. I have those MS chips hole-punched and stored on rings, but I think I want to figure out a better, more protective solution for my Ralph Lauren chips. I’m just so glad that I didn’t miss that chance to get the paint chips before they are gone. Now when I want a RL color, I can just bring in my chip and Home Depot will color match for me in a Behr brand paint.

And speaking of the actual paints, the RL bases are all 50% off right now, so be sure to take advantage of the sale if you need any paints this month.

Now I’m off to work on some projects, but here are a few photos of rooms or projects featuring Ralph Lauren paints to inspire you:

Erika’s daughter’s crib, painted in ‘Golden Candlesticks’

Thom Felicia used “Palais Royal” in this showhouse bedroom featured in House Beautiful.

In another showhouse bedroom featured in Southern Accents, RL’s “Bitter Orange” covers all the ceilings and walls.

Thom Felicia painted these great chairs RL’s Mango Gold for the showhouse featured in House Beautiful.

Eddie Ross used Ralph Lauren’s “Brompton” for this pair of vintage chairs.

Domino featured this beautiful dining room painted in RL’s “Purple Embassy.” I love how rich this unexpected color is here.

I love “Galvenized”, a really rich chocolate brown, and used it as a base for the silver leaf night stands,

and for the legs of my coffee-table-turned-ottoman.

We used “Abassador Sterling” from the Regent Metallics line on the backs of the shelves on my mom’s dining hutch. And recently she painted her ceiling another great color from the same line.

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  1. I, too, am really sad to see the Ralph Lauren paints go. I've used many of the colors and love them, and as far as I know, Home Depot was the only place that carried it. According to the salesperson with whom I spoke, although they still have the formulas, they can't guarantee a perfect color match and I know that some of Ralph's colors are actually copyrighted, so they can't be perfectly copied. I do have a RL paint fan deck that I ordered off of their website a few years ago, which I will now be squirreling carefully away!

  2. Thank you so much for the RL paint tip! BTW I, too am a huge fan of business card plastic sheets for holding paint chips. But special thanks to Elisasbeth (bovagoods) for the baseball card sheet tip! I've been cutting down those large chips, and now I don't have to!

  3. I think that the plastic sleeves are a great idea; but, be careful with them. After a period of time they can cause your pain chips to yellow. A really good idea would be to use the plastic sleeves that you find at scrapbook stores which will not cause the color change.

    LOVE this great blog of yours!!
    Pat B.

  4. Hi Jenny,
    As a designer, you can order full fan decks of both RL regular paints and specialized paints. All you have to do is call in to RL Paint to order. Check their website for contact info. Of course this isn't great when you need just one swatch which is when I go to HD to get the one's I need. But they may have a swatch set for a designer which would be all your own. No need to feel guilty, they samples are there for the taking. But for me, my swatches end up tied to projects, so I love to have the fan deck to be able to reference from. Good luck on your projects I hope this is helpful info.

  5. Thanks so much for the heads-up! I love RL paint colors and am sad to see them go. I already have a mini collection of the paint chips, but I definitely need to complete it now!

    Love this post!

  6. Does anyone know how to obtain the old paint chips from the ralph lauren paint selections? I can't find my paint chip from like 2001 or 2002 and when I asked home depot if they had an old paint palette they couldn't find it. I Love this Paint!

  7. Such a bad time for HD to do this (at least for me!). Just moved into a house and starting to paint. I love RL colors, have one in my bedroom at my old house. Wanted to do the suede paint in my new home office, now I can't. I had the color picked out and everything, now there's no paint left at the HDs in the area. Will go to Benjamin Moore instead. I hope RL comes back soon, since we have the rest of the house to do!

  8. I'm so glad you told me! I love the RL line and have several rooms done in their colors. I'm going to steal your idea to make a fan deck of my own. I hope I'm not too late! (there's even a paint color called "Broome" after the street in NYC, but it also happens to be my maiden name so I of course had to snatch that swatch!)

  9. Good news everyone! Ralph Lauren paint is not going out of business. It is just not being sold at HD anymore. If you want the real deal you can still get Ralph Lauren Paint at your local Glidden Professional Paint Center (formerly ICI Paints)or at an Independent Ralph Lauren Paint dealer. Click on this link to find the closest dealer. http://www.ralphlaurenhome.com/stores/

  10. Do you know what the greenish wall color was in this photo? (Eddie Ross used Ralph Lauren's "Brompton" for this pair of vintage chairs.)

  11. Twila – If you google RL Paints and put your info in the site, it will direct you to the nearest retailer. The paints aren't gone for sure. I've seen them in some Sherwin Williams locations.


  12. You can buy Ralph Lauren paints and have them shipped to you here:


  13. Hi every one I have a paint store here in Miami ,Fl Rainbow Paint & Supply (305)873-6450 ,We are a authorized dealer of Ralph Lauren Paints We can help you with any paints need ,We also can ship too you .You can check here in the Ralph Lauren website http://www.ralphlaurenhome.com/stores

  14. I was told, by a HD manager, that the RL was being replaced by Martha because RL had gotten greedy and wanted some additional outragious fees for carrying their paints and HD refused to pay.

  15. Miller Paint in Oregon stores will be carrying RL Paints, but as of today it will be another month or more before all finishes are available.

  16. This might be a long shot. Been googling the metallic paints from Ralph Lauren because I painted our bathroom a purple color in 2011 and now I need that color again. Of course I went to Home Depot and they don’t have it. Do you still have those swatches? I’m kicking myself for not keeping the swatch. I don’t even remember the name :( it’s a purple metallic if you still have them is there anyway I could see them?

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