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WINNER: Restoring a House in the City


The winner of a copy of Restoring a House in the City, chosen from, is Annmarie. Congratulations!

Please contact me with your address when you have a minute, Annmarie.

a gorgeous entry from a home on Beacon Hill,
featured in ‘Restoring a House in the City’

And, of course, many thanks to Artisan and Ingrid Abramovitch!

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7 thoughts on “WINNER: Restoring a House in the City

  1. As the author of Restoring a House in the City, I want to say that I was so moved by all who wrote in about their dream houses. I am so grateful for all your kind words about the book and your interest in restoring our beautiful older homes. Congratulations to Annmarie (sounds like you needed to win the book!) and many thanks to Jenny for her wonderful blog.

  2. And please check my website for news of events related to Restoring a House in the City. I'm doing slideshows and book signings in New York, Charleston and Savannah, and hopefully points beyond, in the next few months. I'd love to meet you and hear more about your dream homes.

  3. It's me, the winner!! I am beyond thrilled about winning this book! I'm pretty sure I have never won a contest in my life! And I simply cannot wait to get my paws on this gorgeous book!! Ingrid, I hope you do some signings in Boston – I will be there with bells on, and book in hand! Thanks to you and Jenny!

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