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You wouldn't feel like blogging today either…


…if you could just snuggle this chubby little angel instead.

photo by my very talented friend, Terese. If you live in Boston, you should hire her.

Calling in sick today, friends. Be back tomorrow with lots of design goodness.


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0 thoughts on “You wouldn't feel like blogging today either…

  1. Evie is so beautiful. Her name suits her so perfectly. Those lips are to-die-for! How do you ever stop kissing them??? Feel better. xoxo

  2. she is to cute…i love chubby babies with fat folds that smell like milk and powder..i told one coworker that she had a fat baby and she took that as an insult. I knew from that moment, she and I needed not to talk..who doesnt want a fat baby?

  3. Ugh, I was already missing my new little one SO MUCH today. And now, well, that picture made me spring a leak! Best go pump.

    She's perfect, by the way.


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