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One of the commenters from yesterday’s post reminded me that I forgot to explain the box spring cover solution in my mom’s room.

I read about the idea of using a fitted sheet to cover box springs in Martha Stewart Living several years ago and have used the idea in many bedroom projects. We used a simple blue-gray fitted sheet from the clearance bedding section at Bed Bath and Beyond to cover the box springs of my parents’ bed. While I love a good bed skirt, sometimes they are just fussy looking. This is an easy and inexpensive solution.

If you want a streamlined look, but don’t want to use a second sheet, I have a client who uses and loves these matelasse box spring covers from Restoration Hardware, available in many different colors.

And if you do use the fitted sheet idea, do yourself a favor and pick up some fitted sheet clips to help everything stay nice and tight.

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  1. i like the fitted sheet solution for the box spring, but i find in some cases that the fabric looks too thin or insubstantial, so i personally prefer the matelasse alternative like the one from restoration hardware, though i'm sure more are sold elsewhere.

  2. There are cheaper (price and quality) covers at Ikea and I have seen them at The Company Store as well. I have one from Ikea for my son's room…works fine but not a high end look.

  3. Now this photo of your parent's bedroom is my FAVORITE! The natural light is great- thanks again for sharing tips, tutorials & inspiration photos.

    I use the fitted sheet trick too- I don't think mine looks flimsy or thin BUT if you want more "oomph" you can always layer a cheap mattress pad underneath to bulk it up =)

  4. I use fitted sheets, too. I love the look. I've tried bed skirts but had the hardest time getting them on straight. Our fitted sheet stays doesn't move around the box spring, but I'd like to try those fitted sheet thingamabobs on our top sheet, it is always roaming!

  5. I never thought of using a fitted sheet. I have a bed similar to your moms so it's hard to get a bedskirt to look right. I will definitely be using this trick. Thanks so much for sharing the before and after. It helps give me so many ideas.

  6. I love this idea! Restoration Hardware's box springs cover is my favorite, but I just took a straight fitting matelasse bed skit we already had and tucked the ends under the bed slats attempting to get the same look. I feel like a fitted sheet would stay in place better though. Thanks for consistently offering such practical ideas!

  7. Well, duh. This is one of those ideas that is so obvious, but I would NEVER have thought of that myself. Thank you for solving one of my decorating woes (too short bedskirts!)!!! And awesome job on the bedroom, btw. Really pretty without being too girlie.

  8. I was just looking at my boxsprings and wondering if a fitted sheet would work and then wallah, here is your post. Thanks! Great job on the room!

  9. Great idea this is a keeper, leave it to Martha huh ?

    Love your Parents room, it came out great, any plans to do over the 80's light fixtures over the sinks??

  10. The matelasse cover looks like a great choice. We recently got a bed for our guest room and I've been trying to come up with a good way to cover the box springs. Unfortunately, the frame is just a plain old metal one that's meant to be covered so I think we're going to have to go with a bed skirt by default.

  11. I hate bed skirts and use this idea: first, use a fitted sheet for the box spring, like you have done here, and then buy a duvet cover and duvet which is one size larger than the size of the bed. This allows for a longer drop on the sides and in the front of the bed that comes to the same height as the wood panels of the bed. I have done this in all our bedrooms and it looks lovely. I noticed in your parents' room that the comforter looks a little small for the bed.

  12. Okay, I don't normally post twice in one comment area, but I forgot to tell you about option 2, which I did in my daughter's room. She had a full size bed and a great full-size duvet which didn't cover the box springs, so I bought a queen-size, white matelasse cover for the bed and folded the duvet with the funky print fabric at the foot of her bed. The box springs are covered and I kept the old duvet. I notice that lots of designers do this.

  13. This is such a great idea for the box spring! I have a bed skirt, but it gets wrinkled so easily. Plus using a fitted sheet is a fun, easy way to add a color different from the bedspread into the mix!

  14. Great jobs on the parents room. Love the fabric you used for the curtains. But I wanted to say thank you for this post. I have been hating my boxspring and I guess it never hit me that I could just cover it. Way to wake me up, thanks.

  15. I have solved this dilema in general by using a King sized cover instead of a queen for a "high" bed. I still cover the box spring with the fitted sheet, but now very little actually shows.

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