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Quinn's Nursery


Wouldn’t you love to work at Anthropologie? More specifically, wouldn’t you love to have an employee discount to Anthropologie?? Yeah, me too.

One of my clients works there and is due this summer with a little girl to be named Quinn. Here’s where we are with the nursery…

We wanted something fun and bright and girly but not overly so. Still working on finding the perfect dresser/changing table.

Anthropologie products here:
Chesterfield Sofa (my client scored a damaged one at a very deep discount)

Finnegan the Fox

String of Pearls Lamp

Coat of Arms Mirror

Fabric Letter Q

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  1. OH…MY…GOSH! Love at first sight! That sofa is incredible! This is one of the best nurseries I've ever seen. I'm so glad you're willing to think outside of the pastel box that most people seem stuck inside of. This is so fresh and fun!

  2. So beautiful great job Jenny, I love the story board! Did you just put those together in photoshop or do you have another program you love?

  3. Hey Jenny love the nursery. My girlfriend just had a baby girl named Quinn and I helped her with her nursery, we painted the ceiling pink so it wouldn't be so overwhelming in the room. Love this nursery!!



  4. I literally squealed with delight when I saw that Chesterfield sofa! (Not my proudest moment.) It's the exact sofa I've been wanting my whole life. Now all that needs to happen is for me to win the lottery, get a large inheritance, or Anthropologie to make it, oh, say 1/6 of its current price.

  5. I had my first son a little more than 7 years ago, and there are SO many things I'd do differently if I were decorating his nursery today. We've had two more sons since then, and I've left the room like it is, but I've decided that if we have another one, I'm starting over! Your blog and several other design blogs really inspire me every day, and even though I only comment every once in a while, I wanted to let you know that!

  6. saw that couch today at the store, it's gorgeous.

    i've been blog stalking you for sometime. i already ikea hacked those dressers/nightstands and now i'm going to have to have a girl to recreate my own version of this nursery. hands down the best mood board for a girl i've seen.

  7. G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. I love how far people have strayed from the Noah's Ark and hanging monkey type themes. It's so much nicer to have a real room that will grow with the baby and be fun all at the same time.

  8. I don't know if you were soliciting ideas about the changing table when you posted that or not, but I got to thinking about it, and my youngest daughter's changing table was an old squarish farm table with the little drawer. I put a soft towel down on it, the surface was large enough so diapers and such were handy and it work well. And this is so funny. After hanging out in the garage attic for a while, she used it as her computer desk when she went to college. Hope you're all doing well.

  9. LOVE this nursery! I am currently painting a jenny lind crib a burnt orange color in high gloss and have pale aqua walls. I'm making a gray/white horizontal striped bedskirt as well. And I'm throwing in some random fox things, but nothing too themey. We're waiting to be surprised on if we are having a boy/girl. This is one of my favorite nurseries I have seen featured on any blogs! Love, Love, Love! Please post finished pics!

    p.s. Where is the bird print from? and do you know of anywhere I can get Finnegan the fox….sold out on anthro site. Thanks!

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