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Favorite Glasses


I’m beat. I had some errands and drop-offs to do in NYC at the last minute, so the girls and I had a whirlwind trip there and back yesterday. Productive, but not exactly fun. My poor kids have been in the car this year more than I’d like to admit. They are good sports.

One highlight of the trip was getting to stop into CB2 to replenish my collection of Marta glasses.

These 18 oz glasses are wide enough to hold lots of ice, but don’t seem ridiculous. And the delicate, thin glass is so pretty! I like my flatware hefty and my glassware light as a feather.

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15 thoughts on “Favorite Glasses

  1. Love these glasses, too. I bought 24 of them less than a year ago and now I only have two left. They are too thin and fragile for teenage boys not to mention the dishwasher. Perhaps, you will have better luck with them.

    If you have not been to Fish "N Eddies on 5th Ave and 18th, you should make that a stop in your next trip. Fun and reasonably priced table top.

  2. I was in a restaurant recently and noticed their glasses – they had a honeycomb pattern etched into the glass, and they were so beautiful.

    I recently bought the prettiest glasses from PB, and 11 of the 12 small glasses have already broken in the dishwasher – too thin and delicate, I guess. The large ones must be thick enough to withstand the heat, because I have only lost 1 of them.

  3. Love these glasses! I think Ina Garten uses these (Barefoot Contessa) on the FoodNetwork. They wouldn't last too long in my house with 3 kids. I would love to have them, though!

  4. These are my favorite … I had lunch at Prune when I first moved to NYC and loved the glasses they were using – they told us they were the Marta glasses from CB2. I rushed out and got them right away. Now that we are moving back to CA, I love that I still have these glasses, and now they have a fun memory too.

  5. I LOVE my marta glasses. I usually keep about 14 in my cabinet— but somehow I've broken 3 in the past month (I've gone a year without breaking any). Must be something w/ being pregnant!!! I think I may get online now and order to fill up the missing spots!

  6. If you are replenishing these, does that mean that they break/chip easily? I cut my hand on a broken drinking glass a few years ago and have gone with heavy glasses since : (

  7. I have the same sentiments! Although, I have always been an ice-eater and as a child I bit right through a glass, thinking it was ice. No cuts, thank goodness, but not fun either! :)

  8. I love and use the same glasses..my supply is quite low too! Good thing they're not expensive, because they seem to vanish on me. ;)

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