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Found My Office Chair


Check out one of the pieces I got at my Wednesday furniture auction:

A vintage office chair that’s actually really comfortable.

I love the way it looks from behind with all that gorgeous wood!

I’m going to keep the pretty tufting when I reupholster the piece next month. I’m thinking a charcoal linen would be pretty.

Other than that, a little Bar Keeper’s Friend for the rusted steel and some Restor-A-Finish for the scratch up veneer, and this chair will look great in my new office (which is technically just one half of our new living room! :)

What did you think?
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55 thoughts on “Found My Office Chair

  1. I love to see the transformations you do…it's amazing to me because I have terrible 'vision' when it comes to this kind of stuff. I can't wait to see how this one comes together!

  2. I have a similar Mulhausen chair (with the ottoman). I have wanted to re-upholster it, but the least I have been able to find someone to do it for is 300 dollars!! That's without the leather hide! It'll be worth it though because it is so amazingly comfortable–mine reclines, too!

  3. I grew up with a chair and ottoman exactly like that in perfect condition. My sister got it from my mother and reupholstered it and it lost a lot of value, but that's because it was in perfect condition. What a great find!

  4. Honestly speaking I have seen such chair for the first time. Did you placed an order for it to make it customize?? Because I don't think we can find it out in the market.

  5. I found one just like that for my brother's apartment! We reupholstered it in white leather. I love that chair!

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