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See-Through Tables

Living Room

I’ve been getting lots of emails and questions about lucite since this post. I’m a big fan too, though I know it’s not for everyone or every room. I’m considering getting a small acrylic side table for our living room for an awkward space that needs a flat surface, but not a lot of visual real estate. Sort of like how these little tables work in this Suzanne Kasler room:

House Beautiful

Here are a few favorite pieces on the market and in the running.

Parsons meets Kartell for $166

Three nesting tables for $139.

Riddle me this, Batman. How can those tables above be so reasonably priced, but this slightly more intricate piece below can be six times as expensive? It’s $699 at Wisteria and $849 at Horchow. I love it so.

We already talked about CB2 as a great source for acrylic tables.

Plexi-Craft is the king of acrylic furniture in my book. If you want something in lucite, chances are they sell it (except for my favorite side table above. boo.). Though, some of the pieces are weirdly expensive and then others are totally reasonable.

My favorite piece is probably the trunk ($328). I think it would be cool for throws and extra pillows in a living room.

Reminds me of this piece featured in the most recent Lonny.

What did you think?
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41 thoughts on “See-Through Tables

  1. The reason for the price difference is most likely production methods.

    I studied Industrial Design years ago at Uni. Lucite is a thermoplastic – you can heat it up and bend it – which is how the simple nesting tables would be made – out of heated and bent sheets.

    The more complicated shapes are probably injection molded. The molds for this are extremely expensive – made of solid metal, finished with the smoothest possible precision finish, and capable of being pressed together with lots of pressure and heat. These are only made for large production runs.

    Another way the complicated shapes could be made is by being finished by hand – shaped like wood, turned from a solid shape and sanded and polished to a smooth glossy finish. This is also really expensive because each one is made individually.

    Some of the other shapes, like the trunk, are probably made with flat sheets that are held together with other fittings.

  2. I have a tip on how to clean lucite….always use a cloth instead of paper towel. Over time, the wood fibers in the paper towel will scratch and dull lucite.

    That is why lucite can get cloudy.

  3. Clearly- you sure know how to keep me coming back for more things. I love these lucite, clear items. I am glad I have my clear lucite recipe box! (circa high school days)

  4. I've always loved the CB2 waterfall cocktail table but I think it's just too low profile for my living area/sofa. I found one on eBay once that was fairly reasonable, but then I just decided to go a different direction. I love my Louis Ghost chair though!

  5. I keep on going back and forth on getting a lucite table. our family room is about to add a piano so that makes a lot of furniture for such a small space, thinking a coffee table would lighten it up a bit.

  6. I love these pieces – especially the lucite trunk as coffee table. Never having used lucite in my decor, and with three small kids in the home, am I crazy to think I can keep a lucite coffee table looking good?

  7. They are beautiful! But I would not have one. They are a safety hazard! You can't see them well, which makes tripping over them all too easy. And, for clients of a certain age, it would not be safe.

  8. Love this look! I just found four acrylic tables on craigslist this weekend for $45 and scooped them up fast. I also just posted about another deal on Atlanta's craigslist for a set of clear acrylic nesting tables for $25. So check craigslist!!!

  9. I love that trunk! So brilliant to still have the storage, but take away the "out of sight, out of mind" excuse and make something beautiful out of it : )

  10. I love lucite but not it's price tag. It's too cool now for me to pick up at a thrift store or garage sale. Any tips on keeping it spot/streak free??

  11. A few years ago, I saw a photo of a dressing room in a magazine. The chair and dressing table were lucite, there was a huge mirror in front .. it was both beautiful and yet, made me think it would be disorientating to be in a room with see through furniture and mirrors.
    Knowing me, there would be a lot of bumping into things and missing the chair :)

  12. I think the CB2 table is one of my faves. Though I've definitely cooled on lucite generally, we do have this in our office and all of our clients love it and after 4 years, it still looks great!

  13. Longtime lurker, first time posting. :-)I really wanted the CB2 coffee table but it was too big for my teeny weeny living room. Then I found a seller on ebay who makes a smaller, thicker, less expensive version:

    At first I was a little nervous buying on ebay, but the dimensions and price were just right. I'm really happy with my purchase. I would definitely buy from him again.

    Btw, I LOVE your blog, Jenny!

  14. Your blog is the first one I check each day. Love it and thanks for putting some prices in your post. I like a little reality with my fantasy!

  15. Jenny!!

    Little tip from one decorator to another… We use plexicraft on almost every job bc they will do anything custom. Just send them a drawing and they will make it! The thicker the piece of acrylic the more expensive it is. Also check out Canal Plastics as well, they do the same thing, will make or copy whatever you want! Way cheaper than retail sources.

    Cheers, Lindsey Herod

  16. I LOVE the clear coffee table/trunk. Thanks for posting. I'm wondering if anyone out there knows what these things look like after a bit of wear and tear… Do they get cloudy and scratched easily? How bad do they look after a few years?

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