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I’m not always a huge fan, but in casual homes, or rooms with space constraints, bunk beds can really work.

vogue living (Tory Burch’s home)


coastal living


Amanda Nesbit

Elle Decor

Southern Accents

My newest project will need two sets of bunk beds for the kids rooms. Do you have any favorites? We want something simple and clean-lined. Built-ins would be my preference, but that’s probably not in the budget. I’m actually thinking these IKEA beds might be the ticket. They are only $159!

We would paint the frames a fun color:



I’ve also found this site to be a good resource for bunk beds.
What did you think?
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46 thoughts on “Bunk Beds

  1. Great round up. We are also considering bunk beds for our small city house so this post is really timely. Thanks!

  2. I agree with you – they can look really nice if you do them well! I like the idea of painting them a fun colour. That blue is really lovely.
    If you need some more inspiration, I did a blog post about bunkbeds back in January, here:


    I especially love the built-in kind, but I understand that that's very complicated and expensive! You might be able to get some ideas though :) xx

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! When my two little girls are old enough I might just have to get them in a bunk bed so I can do something awesome like these. :)

  4. I am using a set of bunk beds from This End Up for my son. They were my sisters (probably purchased 20 yrs ago) and still are in perfect shape! They are a bit rustic, but solid wood, so you could probably paint them pretty easily.

  5. I think they're a necessary evil. We're considering the mini-loft from Ikea– less room to fall from. My son's first "big bed" was a really simple one similar to the Ikea bunks, and it took high gloss red paint really well.

  6. I remember as a child, my brother and I jumping off the top of his bunk bed! So, I was resistant to put them in my sons' rooms — but I must say when I see how adorable they are (I'm in love with the image from Tory's house) that I may have to rethink that!

  7. I love the aqua colored bed, I really liked the built in beds! Although I myself would not want to sleep in a bed up high with no sides.
    I really liked the Tory Burch and the Coastal Living bedrooms and the tree painted on the wall with birdhouses in the design*sponge room was adorable!
    Now I can't wait to see what you do :)

  8. We joked with friends the other night that if we had a baby it would have to sleep in a bunk bed. Probably not a #1 parenting conversation, but in city apartments you have to be creative:)

  9. I'm glad you posted these. We are probably headed to bunk beds, and I've never been huge fan either. I definitely think they work better in boys' rooms, though.

  10. I love the built-in look as well… I wonder if it would be fakeable by painting the beds out in the wall colour and then doing the bedding and the wall next to each bunk in a coordinating scheme – like they do in… Southern Accents was it? I can't remember! (and noting I posted this in the wrong post originally I should make more coffee! LOL)

  11. Me and my sisters grew up with bunk beds. My parents had them custom made for our NYC apt and we had a set up with one traditional bunk bed and then a loft bed making a L shape with the bunk bed. So underneath me had a closet and space for a desk. We loved it and it made the room we all shared a lot bigger!

  12. My son had bunk beds in his room, he loved them and when he had a friend sleep over it was great !!!

    I don't think the furniture store exists anymore it was called 'this end up' great stuff…

    Did yo have a nice time with your family???

    Your baby must be getting big…my little neice will be a year in August, time sure flies…

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  13. I just bought that bunk bed from Ikea. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I need ideas!

  14. My sister and I actually had an older version of the Ikea bunk beds. And 18 years later, they are still beautiful and still being used. They survived three kids, four moves, and several room arrangements. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  15. i have the ikea bunkbeds for my girls. i love the small footprint and that they are a bit lower than standard bunks…the bottom is suitable for a toddler, and even the top bunk isn't treacherous! i had planned to paint mine, but ended up leaving them natural.

  16. How do I pick a favorite?? Those are all so cute. I especially love the one with the tree painted in the corner. I'll have to show these to my mom since she's wanting to design a grandkids' space with several bunk beds. Great finds!

  17. Your lovely collection of photos makes every set of bunk beds look stylish and chic. I'm thinking about bunk beds in a whole new way now. Thanks!

  18. I have a love/hate relationship with bunk beds. I designed a carnival room for my twin boys when they were 4. I designed and had built beds the looked like the Animal Cracker box. They were adorable!!! (They have since outgrown them.) But it is a BEAR to make the top bunk!

  19. You might paint the bunks a crisp color and stencil select rails with starfish, sailboats, or another nautical / beach theme for the summer house, e.g., navy bunks with white starfish.

  20. I absolutely love bunk beds. As a little girl I dreamt of having a built in bunk bed. As a grown woman I'd love to have built in bunk beds for my kids some day. Thanks for sharing all this pretty.

  21. I was inspired by the inspiration photos but not so much by the Ikea version. I think that these beds might end up being used for quite a while (summer houses? when the kids go off to college? for the spare room, waiting for the grandkids?) so I would probably invest in a better quality piece of furniture.

  22. I love the design sponge beds with ladders on both sides! You could easliy do that for the IKEA bed. I'll have to remember that for later : )

  23. What about painting the bunks a crisp white or navy – then adding beach-themed stencils, e.g., sailboats, starfish, across select rails?

  24. I love the ideas on what you can do with bunk beds, both the store bought ones and the ones that you build yourself.

    We're thinking about getting a bunk bed when our daughter is older. Either one with storage drawers underneath or a trundle unit. It'll be a great piece of furniture when she has a friend sleepover.

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