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DIY Chevron Rug


I’ve got some fun Reader DIY posts lined up that I’m really excited about. First up is an amazing painted rug project!

Reader Miggy was inspired by this LGN post and by Nick Olson’s painted chevron rug. She picked up a $30 white flatweave rug from IKEA, similar to this one:

and got to work taping it up in a chevron pattern:

Then she used a dry brush technique and applied some regular latex paint in two different shades.

I love the effect of the dry brushing!

Miggy is using this rug in her daughter’s nursery. Can you believe the total cost was $36 and about 3.5 hours of labor? I love it.

Do you have a submission for my Reader DIY series? Email me!

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  1. I just found this post and love the idea, but I have a question for those of you who have made one last year… does the paint make the rug crunchy? And would it peel/chip if in a high traffic area over time?

  2. i like this idea- wondered if there was any way to treat the painted rug to make it more hard-wearing so that it doesn't get dingy with use?

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