Dwellers Without Decorators - Juniper Home
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30 thoughts on “Dwellers Without Decorators

  1. I love every photo in this post! I just put all of these photos in my inspiration file. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What is going on with the ceiling fan in the living room and dining room? It is a drum shade/ceiling fan combo? Did she create/combine this herself? Is there a site where you can purchase this? Interesting.

  3. I love the moulding detail around the doors. Great site!

    Check out the owl on my post today. It was my Mom's from around 1984. I forgot she had it and now I'm hoping she still does!

  4. Wow, this stuff gives me stomach butterflies – just beautiful! Thanks for the post, as I thank you for ALL your posts!!

  5. For a magazine editor, that Suze Schwartz really has some heinous spelling. Girlfriend needs spellcheck.

  6. THANK YOU JENNY!!!!!! I just saw this and thank you so much for all the amazing comments BTW Anonymous is right I stink at spelling! I am away this weekend but will link to this post on Monday! XO Suze

  7. wait one cotton-pickin' minute! I didn't know you could have a drum shade on a ceiling fan!! I have to horrible ceiling fans that I can't get rid of because I don't have AC. If anyone has any suggestions on how to DIY or buy a spankin' new drum shade ceiling fan – please post here!!

  8. What a beautiful home and totally amazing that she has kids that live there. I'm so impressed how she made her home so kid-proof (laminated fabric! – so cool).

  9. One of my favorite and most earmarked Elle Decor articles is this apartment (from at least a couple years ago)…probably because it's so user-friendly.
    These photos show much more character, though. Elle Decor made it look larger and more austere and they cropped out some of the more colorful elements.

  10. So the first thing I noticed was the drum shade on the ceiling fan…and I am so doing this!!! Living in the South, fans are a must, and a few in our house have the light kits (which I despise). What a chic way to hide it!

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