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Big Art from Small Items


An idea from Blueprint that I did love was to photograph something that’s small, blow it up really big and frame it.

I love the antique letter here. The handwriting, the stamp, the ink smudge…

Other items they suggested photographing: a pretty flower from your sister’s wedding, your grandmothers china, a vintage button package (reminds me of this post), an old ruler, a cool ticket stub that brings you happy memories…

Here are a couple of sources for large-format printing:

U Printing (I’ve heard these guys are especially good)

Large Format Posters

Mega Print

What did you think?
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37 thoughts on “Big Art from Small Items

  1. LGN – I just found your blog, a co-worker of mine said, have you seen Little Green Notebook? You will die, and I am! Im in Love!!! Thanks for giving such great inspirational advice. I'm a newlywed to be, redecorating a house and there are so many ideas on here….my head is getting full. Thanks!!

  2. Great idea! I wonder how you can blow it up so big to make it not super pixelated. Awesome that the letter is addressed to someone in Somerville!

  3. I've saved the same issue of blueprint. And actually did enlarge an old postcard I bought at a flear market. Love this idea – great post!

  4. Love your blog, Jenny! I read it every single day!

    @ Terese: As a graphic designer for a large format printer, we run into a lot of pixelated artwork. I would suggest using a scanner to enlarge flat items like envelopes and letters. It may work on things like flowers too. A scanner gives you the option to scan the object in at 300ppi or even 1200ppi. If you're taking a 3" object and wanting to blow it up to 3' scan it in at 1200ppi and this will allow your printer to print your image without pixelation.

  5. I am just getting back from a 2 week vacation, and a little overwhelmed with all that I need/want to do. I love the simplicity of this idea and it served as a good reminder (along with your other post that I just read- decorating with kid's artwork) that decorating does not always have to be complex or expensive. And these ideas are so much more meaningful than spending loads of money on a fancy piece of artwork, to me anyways:). Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, I have an old letter from my husbands grandfather that he wrote to his grandmother, to ask her out on their first date. This would be a perfect way to immortalize it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This was one of my favorite ideas from Blueprint. I still have the article saved in my artwork inspiration file. I seem to remember a great portrait of a dachshund blown up and hanging over a sofa. Loved that. That letter is pretty awesome too. Thanks Jenny for the great reminder!

  8. I still remember the day I saw that big envelope photo on the wall in a magazine at the hair salon a few yrs. ago. I melted. Did that again today. Such a great idea.

  9. I did this with the envelope of a love letter written in 1909 by great grandfather to my great grandmother. Not only is it beautiful art (the calligraphy is awesome), it is such a sentimental piece and always sparks comments by new visitors to my home. I had it done at FedEx, formerly Kinkos, and they were very helpful in advising me on how large I could go without degrading the quality of the image.

  10. This is a really great idea. I can't wait to try it out.

    @Terese: You just take a photo with a camera that has very high dpi or use a very good scanner.

  11. totally inspired by this – the blow up of that envelope is simply stunning. As a former h.s.
    history teacher and generally sappy/sentimental gal, I am going for this in a major way. Can't wait to experiment!

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  13. I STILL have this issue because I loved the idea of blowing something up and having a big print of it!
    I have the perfect postcard that I am going to use someday.

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  15. Well that’s actually the so-called hygge approach – little things, stacked in a nice way, create a nice ambient for our days to spend. Well, I’m abstaining.

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