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Black Lacquered Bookshelves


I have a really huge vintage bookshelf that we are currently using in the playroom. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping we’ll have a place for it in the new apartment’s living room. I want to paint it just like this:

Isn’t the white detailing so unexpected and gorgeous?

via Nuevo Estilo

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28 thoughts on “Black Lacquered Bookshelves

  1. Neat. It's almost like the white detailing around each shelf opening acts as a "basket" and so everything inside seems contained… organized.

  2. It's lovely, The white detail makes it really jump out at you.. The high gloss of the lacquer is so lovely, it would really bring your old shelves to life!
    Flick :)

  3. I hope you can put it in your new place too. I want to see how you paint it and get that lacquered effect. It has such a clean look. I have to tell you by the way that I just worked with a client who found me from your blog. Thanks so much for your plugs on my business. I hope things are going well for you and the fam. Your names still come up here in Cambridge on an almost weekly basis!

  4. o.k., i love the shelves and detailing but has anyone noticed the crown molding above it??!!! i love that idea. it's give a modern look to tradition molding.

  5. I love it .. the books and colors stand out so nicely.
    We are in the process of designing a "library wall" in our dining room, which is open to the living room.
    So it will be formal and white ..

  6. So lovely.
    So how does one achieve that look? I've sprayed with lacquer spray paint before and never had anything look that shiny and reflective. I've also tried high gloss which was a little better but still didn't get it to turn out looking like that. Have you had any success with that? Any hints or tips?

  7. Oh man, that is quite lovely! I love the molding over top as well. And did you notice the sweet little sconces on the actual bookshelf?? Those kinds of details are stunning!

  8. Love it! Does anyone know how you "lacquer" bookshelves? Do you paint the shelves with regular paint (or semi-gloss) & then put a coat of varnish over the paint?

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  10. I really like it, even though it's a bit too polished for my tiny space. I wish I had another three or four rooms, in which I would express my eclectic style in collecting and presenting myself. I want to do so much but with 420 sq ft (in public housing) , I am so limited!

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