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  1. This post is so for me. I love hanging up my kids' artwork, but am always trying to think of a classy way besides scotch tape to do so. I love these ideas.

  2. i love everything about this post– children's artwork is my favorite

    and i love your blog!! I'm going to follow it :)

    Will you follow mine too please??


  3. I love this idea, in fact my husband had our son from ages 2-4 fill up different size stretched canvases from Michaels. We have a ton of them and all different colors, sizes, etc. Megan at Beach Bungalow8 recently did a profile on our eco-house and you can them there!

    It is so fun and a great project for the kids! Jenny, if you want to come check out our house, I live outside Philly!

  4. So cool! I am such a fan of Betsy Burnham and here's another reason why. Here's another take on hanging kids art: have the kids lay down on some butcher paper and outline their little bodies. Then, have them decorate themselves. Frame the resulting ballerinas, baseball players, etc…..we have some from when our kids were 3 – and they are now 6 – they get the biggest kick out of them and so do I!

  5. I love the Sixx Design idea..very graphic and ingenious way to display multiple projects without plastering your walls in them.
    It also immortalizes the projects so you don't have to hang on to the originals forever if you don't have the storage space.

  6. I'm not a parent yet, but as a nerdy art kid, I always came home with SO many drawings. My parents usually kept them in a pile until (gasp) they were thrown away. It made me really sad….

    I always told myself that when I have a children, I'm going to frame their special work and create a ridiculously huge salon wall of their creative genius.

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