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Full House Girls' Room – The Details

Kids Room

I know a lot of you have seen Christina’s twin girls’ GORGEOUS room, but I love it too, and had to post about it. PLUS, Christina and I are actually like second cousins or something (and we’ve never met before – I love blogging.) I played the “We’re family – give me the detes on the room” card, because I know you’re all as anxious as I was to hear all the what’s and where’s with this adorable space.

Turns out Christina pulled together this room for less than $250. And it happened my favorite way – with lots of DIY and a healthy dose of bargain and thrift shopping.

Christina searched through her Benjamin Moore decks for the perfect pink wall color but ended up using Coy Pink from Behr. Such a pretty color!

The duvet covers were made with two flat sheets from Wal-Mart and vintage trim was sewed onto the tops of the covers.

The wallpaper-esque panels behind the beds are actually pieces of big cardboard that were modge podged with scrapbook paper. Then Christina had MDF trim from Home Depot cut to fit around the cardboard panels.

Christina picked up the most inexpensive shelves she could find at IKEA and covered them in burlap. Then she spray painted the cheap silver hardware off-white.


*beds – Craigslist $20 (painted these white)
*vintage lucite chair – Craigslist (payed an additional $30 to have the cushion reupholstered)
*vintage wicker chair – Craigslist $10 (spray painted)
*dressing table – vintage, already had

*green stool – Home Goods $30
*2 Flower mirrors above beds – Home Goods $25 each (Does anyone know a cheaper-than-$500 resource for these?)
*pillows – Home Goods $30 total

*monogrammed pillow cases – Wal-Mart $5 (Christina’s mom monogrammed these, but it’s easy to find a local shop to do something similar)
*upholstery fretwork fabric – Home Fabrics $50
*watermelon silk velvet trim – SAS Fabrics $7
*watermelon fabric on cushion – SAS $1

*vintage Mar Lou Goertzen flower prints on shelves – thrifted $2.50
*owl bookends – thrifted $3
*vintage My Book House books – thrifted $10 (can be found on Ebay by searching “my book house sets”)
vintage initials – $2
*trophies – thrifted $2
*lamp – thrifted $5

Big thanks to Christina for sharing her sources! It’s clear that trolling Craigslist and eBay and shopping at thrift stores pays off in a big way. Those are some lucky girls who get to sleep in such a stylish room – and who have such a talented mom!
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0 thoughts on “Full House Girls' Room – The Details

  1. These are two lucky girls! Beautiful bedroom – it's perfect and I can't believe she decorated it for less than $250! Unreal!

  2. I had only seen a peak of this room. Lovely room, lucky girls and I love that her daughters share a room. Posts about kids sharing rooms rock my world right now. (Little space with two daughters).

  3. How fun that you are related!

    I blogged about that amazing room last week. I was so in love with it. It's my perfect fix for a room.

    Yes it does take more time to finish a room, because you are gradually finding things, but I love doing things that way in my own home.

    I'm already excited to see what she comes up with in her boys room!

  4. And to think she managed to pull all that together with a set of twins and set of triplets running about! She is a supermom. I love how much care, effort, and detail she put into the room.

  5. Oh my–what an incredible use of practually no $$ and unbelievable ingenuity. I am deeply inspired (to do my boys room!). Thanks for a wonderful post.

  6. Wow, those are two lucky girls! The room is lovely and I particularly adore the desk chair, it adds a bit of modern glam.

  7. Thank you so much for every single nice comment.

    And thank you to one Jenny girl that has one of the best blogs with such great style. So cool that you wanted to blog about the girls room.

    xx – Christina

  8. I received a W&M trivet as a wedding gift–love it!

    I bookmarked this entry to show my 9 y.o. daughter–we've just moved into a new house and she has a pretty fantastic bedroom that's begging for a new paint color (Ben Moore's Heaven on Earth) and linens. She's going to love thinking about the details in this fantastic bedroom and exactly how she'd like to apply certain things to her own room. I have the feeling it's going to involve some sewing machine time for me.

  9. I am absolutely head over heels for this room! Regarding the mirror, my thought is to keep checking the Homegoods clearance section and be flexible. You may not find an exact match, but ANYTHING can be painted. I'm going to use yellow/white fabric for the background and then paint a mirror robin's egg blue. This room is such an inspiration!

  10. So awesome! Had seen the room, but loved hearing the details. My kid's Penguins of Madagascar taped up poster is feeling super-lame right now! Actually it was before, too.

  11. It's beautiful and seems attainable when you break it all down for us. So often magazines version of "affordable" really isn't for our family. This is. Pretty and affordable, I like that very much.

  12. This room is beautiful, I found similar flower shaped mirrors today at Target for $49.99 today, they were in silver tough but with a little spray paint they just might work.

  13. Omigosh! This just so gorgeous! and under an amazing budget too! so surreal! LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirror and the lucite chair! thanks for sharing!!

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