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Give Away: L&S Fabrics

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Are you feeling lucky today? One of my newest sponsors, Lewis & Sheron Fabrics is offering up a $100 voucher to one of you!

L&S really is my go-to source for pretty, reasonably priced fabrics. Here’s what would be on my short list, if I had a $100 gift card to use at L&S:

I use this Fioretto fabric in a lot of projects and it just might be making an appearance in our next apartment. It makes for really beautiful drapes and great pillows.

No need to remind you about this suzani print. I use it all the time. And I get it from L&S.

These two fabrics below would make for some AMAZING curtain panels:

blue and white

yellow links

Leopard print is my favorite animal print. This one is just the right size and uses the right amount of black for me. I love that it’s a little bit ikat-ish.

Caitlin pointed out recently that this fretwork fabric looks really similar to one of my favorite China Seas patterns, Java Java.

image from Jamie‘s store, Furbish

My friend Katy used this link fabric on the euro shams in her bedroom.

Want to copy the skirted console we did in my parent’s living room? Here’s where you can get the ikat fabric.

To enter to win the $100 voucher, please check out the Lewis and Sheron site and leave a comment with your favorite pattern and what project you’d use the fabric for.

Readers who add L&S as a Facebook friend will get an extra entry.

Contest closes Sunday, July 11 at midnight. The winning entry will be selected by Good luck!!

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  2. omg it would be soo hard to choose!! i have 3 projects waiting on fabric right no….a headboard, a tufted bench and a pouf. SO im thinking the Foiled vinyl in Ocean, the Bordeaux Palermo velvet, or Papillions :) i would have a difficult time deciding though!!

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