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A Bedroom Furnished by Shop Furbish

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Jaime’s shop in Raleigh, NC, Furbish, is officially online! Here’s a girly bedroom board I put together using items from Jamie’s shop:

Roberta Roller Rabbit bedding

Sand Story lamp

Chickadee pillow

Caramel zebra hide

Camel throw

Pink barnacles!

Driftwood mirror

Python tray

Zebra bracelet

Chevron Frame

Prettiest Floral Pillows

Now, go shop to your little heart’s content! And a big congrats to Jaime for taking this HUGE step! xx

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19 thoughts on “A Bedroom Furnished by Shop Furbish

  1. Those pillows remind me of the famous banana leaf wallpaper in Indochine and the Beverly Hills hills hotel. Very chic!

  2. I clicked on the bedding link on Furbish's site and the first thing I saw was the Peacock duvet from Dwell that I'd bookmarked months ago. I think it is a sign!

  3. is there any way you could do a similar post with a boy's bedroom? there are so few cool toddler boy bedroom ideas out there and if anyone could think up an amazing one, it'd be you. :)

  4. Stopping by to say I LOVE your blog! Lots of sassy ideas! I would love it if you would add me to your blog list… you are already on mine! :)

    …visiting from Sassy Sites!
    (cause your blog is a sassy site!)

  5. I know this is off subject (love her blog btw) but I've been dying to see the finished results of Quinn's nursery. Is it finished yet? If it is, please share!

  6. Great grouping of her goods. I love to see other sites and various styles "Jenny-fied." You always rock it. Those floral pillows are yummy. Would love to know where I could get some of that fabric.

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  8. I have the chickadee pillow; it's sitting on my couch right now! Got it at a home and garden shop a while ago. Furbish is definetly my style!

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