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Adios (and a sneak peek!)

Why Don't You

If you’re reading this post first thing in the morning, I’ll be en route to SLC for Alt Design Summit. I’m super excited to learn how to be a better blogger and to meet some of my very favorite blogging friends! Will you be there? My panel is in the opening time slot. Please drop by and say hi!

Okay, back to business. I was hoping to have a fun project from my house to share with you today, but the week got away from me. So, instead I have a little sneak peek!

Remember this post where I mentioned I wanted to find a big armoire to use for storage? Well, I found TWO!!

I bought the pair at Everything Goes, a really fun vintage furniture shop in Staten Island. These actually were part of a three-piece unit, but the center piece was an ugly shelving/entertainment center, so I asked the owner to sell me just the two end pieces. She gave me a great deal and even organized the delivery (yikes, these things weighed a TON).

The cabinets are filled with china sets and decorating accessories not currently in rotation. We’re definitely using these are storage units, not for display. We have them flanking our tv stand (which is actually just an old bookshelf that I’m going to skirt). I thought about replacing the glass with new mirror to hide all the storage and to brighten the room, but I couldn’t get on board with the idea of seeing a perfect reflection of myself vegging on the couch and watching trash reality shows. I thought about using that acid wash solution to antique the new mirrors, but that was a little cost-prohibitive. To save cash, I went ahead and silver leafed the backs of the original glass panes using the left overs from this project.

I’m debating between creamy white and sky blue for the paint color. It sort of depends on which rug I decide on. The silver leaf on the inside of the glass looks really great though. So far so good!


Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith

Alright, I’m signing off for the week. See you back here on Monday! (or see you at Alt?)


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46 thoughts on “Adios (and a sneak peek!)

  1. I truly feel as though I will have to check into rehab this week with all my fav bloggers at ALT. What's a design wannabe girl to do?

    LOVE the cabinets. What a find.

  2. Have fun at alt! Your cabinets are beautiful- love the little fretwork details in the corners of the glass. I've been considering a similar paint/mirror treatment for a cabinet I have in my living room (I've been in love with that windsor smith image for a while now) but I can't bring myself to paint over the burled wood inlay. I can't wait to see the silver leafed mirror- as I was reading, I was going to ask if you've ever tried krylon's "Looking Glass Mirror-Like" spray paint? Supposedly you can spray it on the back side of a piece of glass to turn it into mirror, but I think it takes like 5 thin coats and it's a bit pricey for spray paint and comes in a smaller can. I'm in possesion of a can but haven't tried it yet…

  3. I love the armoires! The woodwork detailing on the front is so gorgeous. I checked out that place where you bought cabinets and it has a lot of great stuff. Definitely a great find for some cool furniture finds. Good luck with your project!

  4. Oh my that is one incredible find…you are sooooooooo lucky!!! I have been searching forever for something similar for my partents! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  5. Hi Jenny,

    Great to meet you at ALT today. I am glad Alma had told me about your blog, I actually dig this kinda thing even though I know it's nit normal for guys, I just ignore really feline stuff and latch on to the gender neutral stuff.

    Anyway now when I see you in my blog feed it will mean more.

    Take care!

  6. I CAN NOT WAIT to see this finish project. your before and afters make it look so easy, but every time i try to paint something it's covered in hair and dust.

    i know it'll be gorg. keep us posted.

  7. I just bought a mahogany cabinet with similar detailing on the front, so I look forward to seeing your finished project. I was planning on painting mine maybe a light gray and replacing the glass with mirror, but I'm having "wood-painting" guilt. Does it bother you to paint over a nice mahogany or other wood? The examples you showed look gorgeous, so I know it will look good in the end, but I just keep having these twinges when I see the nice dark wood(although I'm more of an MCM gal myself).Any words of wisdom to overcome my guilt?

  8. I have been scouring ebay and craig's list for pieves exactly like these for my dining room. do you have any idea who made them? It may be located on the back of the cabinet

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