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Color Silhouettes

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I still love silhouettes and think they are classic. But if you’re sort of over the look, one way to make it fresh again is to use color rather than black for the portraits, a la artist Carter Kustera. Mr. Kustera is pretty much the king of the modern silhouette. He has painted Michelle Obama’s portait and he does lots of work for Jonathan Adler and his partner Simon Doonan (so also Barneys).

Not positive, but the silhouettes in Angie Hranowsky’s kitchen look like Carter Kustera portraits.

This installation was at the D&D here in New York. So cool, right?

I come from a big family and think it would be amazing to make a wall like this in my parents house one year for Christmas. And then every Christmas thereafter we would spend a day updating the silhouettes. I like the idea that everyone could pick their own color.

I’m sure Grace would want to be purple and Claire would be pink. I think I would be bright red and Michael would be a deep green. Evie would make a lovely yellow – that baby is pure sunshine.

It’s actually really fun to assign family members colors and then try to guess what they would choose for themselves. It’s hard not to make it about personality! What’s your color?

All images courtesy of Carter Kustera except for the Angie Hranowsky image.
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45 thoughts on “Color Silhouettes

  1. My Mother has a silhouette charm bracelet which is loaded with kids and grand-kids that I adore. My silhouette would be classic black, white or perhaps "green." Hard to choose! I might have to flip a coin…
    head's up!

  2. I love the wall that is covered in them. I had bright green silhouettes made of our dogs for our living room. They ended up larger than I had planned but they are adorable & even have their first and middle names on the print. Great post!

  3. ooh i love that idea! (and i could really see that in your mom's house) i'd say a tomato red-orange for me. it's (most consistently) my favorite color. speaking of… i really need to find some new flats in that color mine are shot…

  4. I have this project on my to-do list as we just created a playroom for our kids and I want to create a gallery wall {including the TV} where there are their silhouettes mixed in! Thanks for the inspirational photos!

  5. When my sisters and I were babies my mom had our silhouettes made by a portrait artist who cut them carefully out of black paper. The details are so intricate. But I also love the idea of painting them with colors. I'd be a slate, mossy green.

  6. I love these!!

    I would for sure be blue. I tropical aqua. My husband would be navy and our sweet Dorkie (dacshund/yorkie mix) would be a vibrant yellow!

  7. LOVE this post and LOVE that I learned about the Groupon for the Carter Kustera portraits from another commenter – I just ordered two and will get them done of me and my husband!

  8. I actually JUST made color silhouettes! I found these adorable plates from our local thrift store and was planning on doing the original black but I happen to cut the stencils out of fun scrap booking paper and loved the look so much more. I'll be showing them on a feature post in the next week or so! Great idea for the wall of kids/grandkids idea.

  9. Hey Jen, I think that would be a great idea! Why don't we do it at Thanksgiving time? That would give us something warm to do inside. And then, just for fun, we could use them as target practice with nerf darts. Love ya, Aunt Becky

  10. Random question for anyone who wants to offer any advice!

    Our bedroom has 2 windows – one sits above a window seat and the other is above our bed. Since neither window really has any room to let panels hang freely to the ground…I was thinking either roman shades or balloon curtains…what do you think?

    I can't find any I really like at the major stores…where should I look?

  11. Love this post!

    I have a thing for silhouettes (even though I can never spell it correctly on the first try!).

    This would be such a great DIY project. Take a photo of the subject's profile, print it out, glue it onto colored paper, cut it out, and flip it over so you only see the paper side. OR you could print out the photo and paint it with colored tempera paint. I'm seeing a Mother's Day Craft in my future… :)

    Thanks for the great idea! You are such an inspiration!

  12. I just did a post about modern silhouettes last week! I'm planning on making one out of black and white floral paper. I'm thinking thats my weekend project!

  13. Timely post as I was just thinking today that I want to do a gallery wall and include colored silhouettes. They are timeless yet still modern and fresh. Thanks for the inspiration. Definitely yellow for my little guy, red for the hubby and turquoise for me. We are so boring! :)

  14. I literally gasped when I saw these! It's my first time seeing them, and I have had silhouettes on the brain lately.
    I just added bright colored silhouettes of famous authors to my etsy shop this week!
    I love the classic/modern combination they make.

  15. These are fantastic! Totally in love with them, but ouch on the price tag. Humm…wondering if a DIY project might be in order. Love.

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