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High Gloss Mag + Tia Zoldan


I went to the High Gloss Mag launch party last night and it was so fun to see some of my favorite blog friends. The premiere issue launched yesterday and I loved it. Of course Jamie’s house is unbelievably gorgeous and I loved the bachelorette pad Erin designed!

It was also so fun to see Tia Zoldan’s house featured in this issue. Her home was a favorite among bloggers when it was featured in Cottage Living years ago. It was a treat to check out what Tia has kept over the years and what has changed. Shall we do a little comparison?

Tia’s old living room:

New living room:

Looks like pretty much everything is new in the living room. She might have reupholstered the chair in that amazing print. The arm looks the same. I like the furniture lay out in the newer version, with everything laid out on a 90 degree angle. Love the new art and the rug.

Old dining room:

New dining room:

Tia kept her farmhouse table and painted the armoire white. I miss those stripey end chairs!

Daughter’s old room:

Daughter’s new room:

I like both of these rooms for different reasons. It’s fun to see how this room has grown up with Tia’s daughter. The bed was painted white. The moulding was gilded. The curtains are more tailored, but the hardware is the same. I LOVE the suzani on the bed and the wall sconce.

Old kitchen:

New kitchen:

I love the new lighting and the new rug (though the old rug was really great too). I am head over heels for the chairs in the new version of the kitchen. And the herringbone patterned tile floors? So great. My very favorite change in here was probably the least expensive. That design genius, Tia, painted her back door a show-stopping blueish charcoal color.

It’s fun to see how a decorator’s tastes evolve, right? I think Tia’s home is lovely in all it’s phases.

**Also, did you know that Tia has a GREAT blog? She updates it often with images and products that inspire her. A must-read!**

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31 thoughts on “High Gloss Mag + Tia Zoldan

  1. great to see these photos side by side. everytime i look through my old cottage livings (yes, i still have them all), i see something new. i never would have noticed that wall sconce in her little's room if you hadn't pointed it out!

  2. Tia has such amazing style! Both the befores and afters are amazing. I love how even though her before living room would fit right into today's Lonny, she changed it over completely and it still is magazine worthy. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Beautiful rooms, I always like a before and after! The only room I prefer in the old version is the dining room!
    Loved the colors!
    We always re-do something in the house too!

  4. Love seeing how ppl update their homes. I am so bad about that. You would think being a designer that I would change often- but I put something somewhere and it often stays. Good thing we are moving in June!

  5. Oh Tia's home was one of my favorite parts of High Gloss magazine and to see your comparison on your blog is GREAT!!! I love! Thanks for doing this…inspired by both then and now images :-)

  6. What a luxury to redecorate that often. So dreamy!

    I have always loved Tia's style; I remember poring over her home in Cottage Living.

  7. Using that same charcoaly blue on the end of her cabinets and then framing the picture with that in the foreground and distance makes it look even better- unbelievable eye.

  8. Great post, love to see how homes evolve! I believe when looking at the living room, the sofa looks the same but now charcoal, as well the coffee table is stripped to raw wood … both great ideas.

  9. Great photos!! Love the Navy curtains against a light grey wall, with the gold single shade!

    Also – the little girl's room is GORGEOUS! I am partial to the "before," but both are fabulous!

    Love your blog- it inspired me to start mine this January.

    Happy Weekend! :)


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