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How to Remove White Heat Marks on Furniture

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During the holidays we had some friends over for a dinner party. We served an extra hot meal that night and after everyone left and the dishes were cleared and the table linens removed, I discovered foggy white marks all over my beautiful new table. This one was the smallest, though brightest mark.

Before I had a chance to freak out too much, my husband did some googling and we discovered that on some pieces of furniture if moisture (usually from the steam condensation on a hot dish) gets under the finish, white splotches called heat marks will appear and will stick around until treated.

You’ll be surprised to learn, as I was, that to remedy heat marks, you apply… more heat and moisture! Weird, right? I just used two folded over clean white linen napkins and sprayed them down a little with water. You want there to be several layers of cloth between your iron and the table surface. Then I ironed over the napkins on top of the heat marks for about 15 seconds with the iron on a medium heat/steam setting. Don’t just set the iron down though – keep it moving.

I have no clue why my table looks so dark here. Must have messed up the camera settings.

It was like magic and the heat marks disappeared (though in these photos I can see I missed a spot that doesn’t show in person).

Anyway, random post today, but I thought maybe some of you might have had a similar issue with your wood furniture. Or if in the future you see these heat marks on a thrift store table, don’t pass on it – it’s an easy 15 second fix. I can remember one gorgeous coffee table that I didn’t buy because of it’s heat marks. I thought I would need to strip and refinish the whole thing! Who knew?

**A little disclaimer: this trick worked for me, but I guess a few other readers have not had success. It might be wise for you to try a less conspicuous area on your table first. Be sure you’re using damp cloths with your iron on a medium setting with steam. And be sure to keep your iron moving!**
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  1. It is a very informative post for everyone, people can get a brief information regarding that how to remove white heat marks on furniture. Keep giving updates, It will be very helpful for people.

  2. THANK YOU!!! We bought a new house with beautiful wood floors, and I noticed a white mark at Christmas time. And another one appeared a little later. Then I figured it out when a HUGE one appeared yesterday. The culprit was the steam mop! I used the vinegar idea someone left; it didn’t work. I tried the try iron idea someone else left (with a strong warning against using steam or water). It didn’t work. Then I tried your idea! AWESOME! Thank you so much.

  3. Tried this on my Oak table I was amazed how it worked which I had my doubts. Thank you for your help. Am def going to pass it on.Have a good day.

  4. Totally worked! I have before and after pictures and I’m so thankful I didn’t have to sand and restrain this hand me down!

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