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That one bed I upholstered a long time ago…


Hi guys! Happy weekend! Sorry about not posting yesterday – I was dealing with some technical difficulties that I think are all straightened out now.

More than a year ago, I was determined to make a gorgeous upholstered bed with a headboard, footboard and side rails.

I found this old (probably from the 30’s or 40’s) crate bed at a vintage furniture shop in Maryland for not a lot of money – maybe $50? $75? It was not much to look at, but it was the perfect base to build on.

I had two 2×10’s cut to size at Home Depot and screwed in some metal mending plates on the front and the back to firmly connect the two pieces.

Then I upholstered the headboard, footboard and rails with this pretty suzani-inspired fabric I bought at Interior Alternative in Newark, DE.

I used a roll of brass nail head trim to detail the far edges. A little note: I don’t really love the look of the nail head that comes on a roll. The finish varies a bit and the look is kind of cheap when you get up close. That said, I really HATE when nail head trim is not perfectly lined up – drives me crazy!! So since I had so much surface to trim out, I opted for the rolled trim with perfectly straight lines.

Since taking these photos I carefully rubbed a little bit of Buff N Rub on tops of the nail heads and that helped make the finish a little more uniform. (we also put on a mattress cover for the box springs)

I styled the room for the folding screen project, but never really decorated the space like I had planned to before we left Delaware for NYC.

The plan for our bedroom (if we ever get to it! It’s lower on the priority list) here in our new apartment is to make the footboard really low by pulling off the 2×10 piece. Then we’ll cut out a curved pattern on that board and add it to the headboard and then reupholster the whole thing. I think I’ll do a solid color fabric, since we’re wallpapering the room (yay!!).

As far as the headboard shape goes, I want something that doesn’t scream Pottery Barn. I want it to look custom, but not ridiculous, so that it will stay fresh for at least a couple years. Here are some contenders:

Coastal Living


Elle Decor

I like the width of the top curve here (same with the photo above – an exaggerated curve)…

Caitlin Moran


This sort of Deco-rounded-corners situation is the dark horse option of the group. I’m liking it more and more the longer I think about it. Love the first picture (from Brooke’s blog) best.

Velvet and Linen

Lynn Morgan

Calico Corners

But then I look at this pretty bed with all those curves and that nail head trim pushed right to the edge!! Love it…


If you could get a new bed this weekend, what would you do or which one would you buy?

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47 thoughts on “That one bed I upholstered a long time ago…

  1. I love your blog! It's always so awesome to see how you chronicle your projects from start to finish. You have such an innovative way of seeing the final product, I imagine seeing each finished piece must be so rewarding :)

  2. I would get (because my DIY projects start out good but I lose motivation before completion) an upholstered black headboard that was tall enough for my husband and I to lean against when we are reading in bed.

  3. Unfortunately upholstered doesn't work at our house. The hubs has really oily skin, which makes him look at least 10 years younger, but is not so good for fabric headboards. And no, no removable, washables for me. Waaay too much trouble for the shapes and look I prefer. So, it's back to smooth, easily cleanable surfaces for me. However, there is the guest bedroom…

  4. I like the Pottery Barn York headboard (which kinda looks like a few that you posted.) It seems really big and dramatic, and I like the tufting. I just wish it came in other colors/patterns besides white and beige.

  5. I would love to have something like the Colette bed from Crate & Barrel. However, I've got two kitties who put their claws in everything (one has a bad back leg so she can't jump as well). Hopefully one day…

  6. Love the shape of the coastal living bed, I wouldn't get tired of that one. I also love the headboard from Massucco Warner Miller West Hollywood flat and Mary McDonald whimsical gallery. I'm sure you'll do something great. Love your blog!

  7. I would gladly take the bed you already made! The colours you have used suit the ones we are using so perfectly, only I have used very little pattern in our home.I have a hard time when it comes to choosing (and committing to) patterned fabrics, but you always make it look soffortless!

    We have recently purchased a secondhand headboard, and painted it an orangey, caramelly, sort of colour, but I already wanted to change it to a bluish green. Now, all I can think about is how great an upholstered screen would look behind it!

  8. The Caitlin Morgan one is by far my favourite! I can't believe you upholstered a whole bed and now are thinking of re-doing it!
    I made 2 diamond tufted {or french tufts} headboards for my daughters' room and there is no way I am re-doing them! Both are different, one is on my blog [and on the HGTV site}, the other I haven't photographed.

    The first was made with a honeysuckle pink faux silk, hard to work with. The other I made from a beautiful white cotton. They love them and they add such great drama to their room.

    If you are interested here is my how-to:

    Can't wait to see what brilliance you come up with!

  9. I like the Coastal Living, BHG and Calico Corners headboards. I'm so glad that you showed that previous project of yours. I've recently pulled up that post for the screens trying to figure out something for my little, tiny bedroom. I loved the fabric on the bed in that picture! I wish I could find it myself. You find the best fabric!

  10. I love the Coastal Living headboard (maybe because the colors area ll so perfect too). But I'm wondering how you supported your box spring ? Did you just use a standard metal bed frame inside your upholstered bed, or did you create some sort of support that was part of it? Just curious… I used your instructions for an upholstered headboard last summer and it's lovely – would love to create something like this now :)

  11. I have always loved the Calico Corners headboard you featured. I love the nail head trim in a rectangle shape and around the edges. I would go for this shape, too. It's curvy without being trendy or PB boring. If I had a million dollars……..

  12. I saw the Colette bed from Crate and Barrel a year ago and that's all I can think of! But I'm loving the pictures you posted too!

  13. The bed you did — fantastic, I hate to see you change it! I love upholstered headboards, and am doing another one now for myself. You can't beat the warmth and drama that the fabric and details bring to the space. I have to say it was brilliant to do over an entire bed that way. I'm inspired!

  14. I love the look of nail head trim but HATE the roll. I did this on my headboard – maybe I was too impatient but the nailhead cut up my fingers and just wouldn't go on straight – it sort of curved between each actualy nailhead – probably used too much batting.

  15. Love the bed from BHG- I may steal the idea for when I re-do our master. Can I ask you to please post a tutorial when you do make the new headboard? I would love to see how you make the fabric smooth over all the gorgeous curves of the wood.

  16. I have a curvy headboard for 3 years like the ones you are drawn to and I am sick of it. If anything I wish it was just one curve up and down without all the other small curves. Thus I would go with the deco one or a slight curve. Pus you will have wall paper and the really curvy ones may compete. (although I do not know which paper you have) Just my two cents and I have no doubt whatever you do will be fabulous

  17. oh jenny I wish I could get a new bed. I'm working with what we have for now because it's almost brand new… when I finally finish our master bedroom and post pictures I'd be interested to see what type of bed you'd suggest. :)

  18. Jenny,

    That looks great! Can you please tell me how you did the back of the footboard? I believe on the footboard, both sides have to look relatively "finished?" Thanks for sharing so many wonderful projects!

  19. We went to Japan and stayed in a hotel in Kyoto. I took so many pictures of the room. The bed was simple, but gorgeous. The linens were pure white, but oh the headboard. The fabric was kimono fabric in rectangular strips of multiple fabrics.

  20. I'm curious how you plan to draw the shape of the headboard to cut it?? Please share. I want to paint a faux headboard of a similar shape on the wall behind my bed as a cheaper alternative, but I don't know how to draw the shape so that it's believable.

  21. First off, WOW, I'm loving the original DIY. So pretty. Second, I love the headboards in the photo with the faux bois pillow and the one with the leopard carpet/rug. One of our 2011 projects will be upholstering just a headboard (not a full bed)and I'm already dizzy with fabric options. I think that will be my favorite part because I want to go with a pattern and I'm a HUGE fabric nerd.

  22. how did you know i've been thinking about this every minute of everyday for the last 2 months?! i've had my eye on the collette bed from c&b, but cannot fathom spending that much dinero. i think i may just try to find cheap king frame on craigslist and diy. yours looks absolutely fabulous!! thank you!

  23. Funny you mention beds…I am waiting for a king size fabric headboard to be custom made and covered by my upholster. I photographed a bed on Candice Olsen's show with my iphone and emailed it to him. I was in luck because they only do headboards in the slow months of January and February.

    I love the bedside tables in your DE room. Any tips on finding a bombay like chest like yours?

    Thanks for the tips on fabric places. Haven't been to Interior Alternative in too long nor have I been to Philly stores. Will hit them soon. Thanks!

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