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Three Things


1) I’m so glad you guys like my new rug! It came yesterday, but it’s still all wrapped up along with the new rug pad. I wanted to finish painting the cabinets that flank the tv (you know, the ones that I silver leafed the glass). The final coat of paint goes on this morning after the school drop offs and then I’ll unroll the new carpet. Can you even believe my self control!? I’m shocked myself.

Speaking of my new rug, Rick from ABC called me yesterday after seeing my post and said people have been calling from all over the country placing orders for Weinrib pillows and rugs! Exciting! As a thank you, he said you can get an extra 10% off items from the ABC Basement by mentioning my blog.

So wherever you live, if you’ve got a Weinrib style in mind, give Rick a call and he’ll do his best to help you. If you’re local, don’t forget to check out all the amazing hand-knotted rugs and of course the remnants section. There’s more of my yellow and cream Karastan…

2) Next item of business: I’m really loving this print available at West Elm. Do you see all the birds? This simple kind of piece looks great in a gallery wall or above brightly painted furniture.

3) The last thing is I’m really excited that the projects at Casa Komenda are finally getting some attention. Over the weekend, we sold almost all of the extra furniture and in the freed up space, we set up the new double-length desk. Also the daybed was delivered! Can’t wait to share.

On Monday I hung the star sconces next to the vintage gold mirror. It’s hard to tell but they are really nice wall lamps. I was super impressed with the quality and I don’t actually even mind the oil-rubbed bronze finish. Even still, I’ll probably end up painting them a fun color on top, and the wall color on the cord cover. Also, the shades will get some ribbon trim.

The vintage bookshelf was (still is!) in really bad shape. I used literally half a tub of wood filler to smooth out all the cracks and holes (all that funny brown texture on the shelf backs). Also, I added the fancy studded trim from Michaels and I love the look! I need to pick up two more strips to finish off the bottom row and then I’ll paint the whole thing and get it styled with baskets and books. Progress!

Alright, enough rambling. I have a Purdy brush and a mini roller waiting patiently for me…

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32 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. The rug- how cool is that! The power of a blog and a nice rug.
    love that you are giving your home your touches…and those star sconces remind me of the crown on our Lady Liberty- same sort of patina.

  2. Wow, and I thought I had energy. You put me to shame! Love how the trim on the bookcase turned out. Can't wait to see all your projects come to fruition.

  3. Jenny, you are so influential! Wow! I've been to the discount basement of ABC and they do have a fabulous selection. Excited to see your completed bookcase, too!

  4. great post! i like seeing your projects midway through (and not just the perfection that results at the end).

    also – i listed you as a favorite blog on a little guest post I wrote. thanks for all the positive writing and inspiration!

    xo. lindsey

  5. If I wasn't so afraid of missing a great design idea post (like yours yesterday and today) maybe I could get some of my own projects( started) finished:)

  6. Nope, I don't see the birds at all. Even turned the laptop on it's side to see if that worked. Strange, I'm usually good at stuff like that.

  7. I can't wait to see what ABC has. I wonder how much they charge for shipping a rug? Probably $$$! What color are you doing the shelf? You have so many projects to show off and I'm impatient!

  8. I didn't realize that ABC rugs would ship. Good luck with the painting love. Can't wait to see the end product.

    P.S. – I have that same mirror that you bought for like a penny.

  9. Really love that vintage mirror…what a fabulous shape! And the star light sconces look great painted…can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. I am so excited now that you are showing off bits & pieces of your new home. That bookshelf is going to be incredible – I can't wait to see what color you use!

  11. Jenny,

    Where do you do the work when it's cold? I just bought a dining room table and chairs to refinish, but it is so cold I am having a hard time working on them. Any ideas? Thanks! You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for being out here on the web!

  12. In the pic, the lamps look almost turqoise! I actually thought you had painted them!
    Love that trim on the bookcase! I may have to get some of that at Michaels to dress up a cheap old bookshelf from college. I added decorative paper to the back, but it is still lacking! Can't wait to see how the piece turns out.

  13. Anon- I just paint inside on a drop cloth. I've been using low/no VOC paint from Benjamin Moore or the Martha Stewart for HD brand. Very little smells or fumes, which is great for when it's too cold to open the windows. I recommend waiting to refinish your table until it's warm enough to go outside.

    Courtney – I just tapped in some wire nails with a hammer. I don't have a brad gun, sadly. But the old fashioned way worked just fine here!


  14. Love how your bookcase is turning out and thanks for sharing your source previously for the lighting. Great price on those and it's great to know they're good quality too! P.S. Love that West Elm line art.

  15. I can't believe your creativity! I love the trim you bought on that shelving. I can't wait to see what color you paint it.

    I wish I were in the market for a rug from ABC – great deal.

  16. Jenny, You are the reason that I read design blogs. Inspirational and achievable! Thank you so much for sharing all the great stuff you are working on.

  17. I went to the ABC basement today and got the same rug but cream and light blue stripes for my sons nursery. Rick is awesome! Thank you!

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