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Honeycomb Mirror in Action


I finally bought the Pier 1 Honeycomb mirror a few weeks back and I’m loving it! Here’s a beautiful home in a recent issue of Southern Living that features the same mirror…

I am obsessed with this over-sized lumbar pillow on the sofa!

Scans via Fran’s beautiful blog, Green Street. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the images from the spread!

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29 thoughts on “Honeycomb Mirror in Action

  1. I've had a big custom lumbar pillow on my living room sofa for about five years (my original inspiration was Mr. Bingley's sitting room in the 1995 P&P) and it does look fantastic. I find it very comfortable, but will admit that not everyone agrees. This is especially noticeable when I'm entertaining a group — one person will want the pillow and another won't, but there's no way to compromise as could be done with regular throw pillows. Still… I'm keeping the lumbar pillow!

  2. Hi Jenny, I can't wait to see your honeycomb mirror in all of its glory!! I know it's going to be spectacular!! Thanks for the mention!!

  3. This cottage is so wonderfully curated, I love every image! I'm excited to see where you hang your Pier 1 mirror…and isn't Fran's blog great? I love her perspective!

  4. Oh, I'm totally a fan of the long bolster! I just had one made! I first fell for it in a pic on CocoCozy. That one was a tad smaller, but still fab!

  5. I just bought it a couple weeks ago, also! They had it on clearance , and
    I just couldn't stand to see it go. It had to be mine, mine, mine! Anyway, I can't wait to see how you use it!

  6. I just bought that mirror from Pier 1 and hung it in my foyer last week. It was quite an odyssey–I live outside NYC and had to buy it in Delaware, since that mirror is sold out everywhere around here.

    I also love that room in Southern Living. Her dining room is something else, isn't it? The whole house seems very beautiful, but livable, like toddlers and messy dogs are just as welcome as fancy company.

  7. Love the giant bolster as well but where do you put it when someone wants to sit on the sofa? I don't know about you but my tush wouldn't fit on what's left of the couch seat! :-)

  8. I've had my eye on the Honeycomb for a while, and when I went to buy it online tonight I noticed it was no longer available. So I went down to my local Pier 1, to find that as a clearance item they only have one left. It's missing the enamel/paint in some areas, and I'm wondering: having worked with it, do you think it's something that could be sanded and spray painted? Or do you think that would be disastrous? Any advice you might have would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

  9. Hi everyone! The mirror is not online anymore and it is on clearance in stores – but they are FLYING off the shelves. I bought mine for almost nothing because it was missing some mirrors (which can be easily replaced at a craft store) and some of the paint was scratched. I just did some touch up with some gold Rub N Buff. Hope that helps!

  10. I was able to find one with two missing mirrors for a song as well! So if anyone finds a great source for replacing these small mirror tiles, please share!

    Thanks for yet another great tip Jenny – your living room is looking fantastic!

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